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Scott Addison Clay

Founder and CEO, Addison Interactive & Eventuall Inc

Creative Passion + Computer Science = Endless Possibilities

Thursday, January 27th, 6:30 PM; EB2 1231

Creative Passion + Computer Science = Endless Possibilities

Abstract: In today’s world, software truly powers everything around us. In 1982, when software was mainly relegated to small, boxy computers, Scott Addison Clay coded his first interactive game and discovered that you could tell stories through code. That sparked a creative passion which has endured to today and has taken him on an amazing journey from Raleigh to Hollywood, where he’s combined his creative passion with his CS background and Engineering degree to be at the forefront of digitizing the relationship we have with the Entertainment industry. He will share how combining a zealous technical curiosity with a creative mindset, in any area that you’re passionate about, can lead to an innovative career in nearly any industry.

Speaker Bio

Scott Addison Clay is the Founder and CEO of Addison Interactive, a digital marketing agency celebrating its 11-year, and is the recent Founder and CEO of Eventuall Inc, a software development company powering immersive experiences and virtual events. Scott leads an international team of developers, designers, writers and strategists working on immersive digital experiences, marketing campaigns, and virtual events for Hollywood’s biggest names and Fortune 500 brands. He and his team at Addison Interactive have built interactive experiences for franchises such as Harry Potter, Batman, The Hobbit, LEGO, and Godzilla; innovative platforms for Prince, Katy Perry, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros; and marketing campaigns for Amazon, Netflix, Adobe, Mattel and others.  

Seeing a need to continue a sense of community at the outset of the pandemic, he pivoted to creating a platform for virtual events. Using his experience building engaging yet technically stunning experiences, his team and their platform have powered events for Disney, Netflix, and Warner Bros, as well as corporate summits with speakers from Microsoft, Verizon, AWS and high-powered individuals such as Magic Johnson, Diana Nyad, and Bob Chapman. 

Scott graduated with honors from NC State with a degree in Environmental Engineering, and minors in Theater and Arts Studies with a concentration in Film. He was featured in the Summer 2021 NC State Alumni Magazine

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