ePartners FAQs

What is the ePartners Program?

ePartners is a program that provides the framework for the global business community and the North Carolina State University Department of Computer Science (via the NC State Engineering Foundation) to develop and nurture strong collaborative relationships, as they work toward goals of mutual interest. In recognition of their generous support, our ePartners have access to a comprehensive portfolio of resources and advantages, which can be designed and tailored to meet their specific needs.

What is the significance of the term "ePartners"?

The Computer Science Department at NC State University is at the forefront of the software-enabled landscape. We relentlessly pursue collaborative innovation that pushes the boundaries of computing to improve the human condition and the world around us. The "e" in ePartners takes on special significance in this mission. It stands for "excellence" in the quality of our faculty, students, and research. It stands for "engaging" -- ongoing interaction and the relationships it fosters. It stands for "exchange" -- a two-way exchange of ideas and information. It stands for "enrichment" -- the positive impact it produces for our departmental programs and the overall quality of our students' educational experience.

What are the major differences between an ePartner and a Super ePartner?

Super ePartners enjoy all the resources and advantages afforded to ePartners plus they have an opportunity for even greater involvement in the activities and direction of the department, along with access to exclusive advantages providing a higher degree of departmental exposure and structured interactions with students and faculty members.

Super ePartners membership requires an annual contribution of $25,000 or more in funding, of which $15,000 is generally unrestricted and provides the department funding to support a variety of mission critical events, activities, programs, initiatives, student organizations, etc. The remaining $10,000 can be targeted by the company to support partnership opportunities of their choice, including but not limited to sponsorship of Senior Design Center student projects, practicums, scholarships, major events, faculty awards or special programs and initiatives.

Super ePartners have an opportunity for representation on our Strategic Advisory Board, and they have priority access to a variety of high-demand, limited access premium engagement opportunities. These enhanced advantages, which promote a higher degree of departmental exposure and structured interaction with students and faculty, provide our Super ePartners an opportunity to become more deeply involved in the activities and direction of the department.

My company supports the Department of Computer Science in other ways (scholarships, equipment gifts, project sponsorships, etc.). Can these gifts be factored toward my ePartners recognition?

Absolutely! We recognize that many of our strongest partners support the department in numerous ways. The value of other major gifts of financial support or gifts-in-kind can be taken into consideration to establish a mutually agreeable unrestricted gift contribution for recognition at the ePartners or Super ePartners level. Such situations are addressed on a case-by-case basis, so email csc-extrelations@ncsu.edu or call 919.513.4292 to discuss your specific request.

How will the department use our “unrestricted” contributions?

Unrestricted contributions provide the department tremendous flexibility to allocate funding to a number of different programs and needs that support our strategic goals. Examples of how your contributions are used include but are not limited to: support of strategic initiatives, outreach programs, recruitment of new faculty, classroom and instructional technology upgrades, building and space expansion, curriculum innovations, technical support, publicity and marketing efforts, professional development, and travel for students and staff.

We have a small start-up. How could I benefit from being an ePartner?

Being an ePartner can help a start-up in several ways. First, it provides you tremendous exposure and visibility, not only within our community of alumni, students, faculty and staff, but to an extended global community of key business leaders. This targeted exposure can help you build corporate and brand awareness, and can help you shape a very positive image of your company. Second, the access you have to a dynamic leading-edge faculty can serve as a collaborative source of ideas, feedback, and innovation to support your strategic business direction. And finally, should your business plans include expansion and/or require very unique skills, you will have access to world-class talent with the opportunity to shape the CSC curriculum of the future to support your talent requirements.

What types of communications will I receive as an ePartner?

As an ePartner, you will receive our monthly departmental eNews, our annual CSC News magazine and Research publications, as well as a variety of mailings from the College of Engineering and the university. In addition, you will receive and/or have access to special lecture and/or seminar notices, key departmental announcements, and other forms of departmental communications.

Besides becoming an ePartner, what are other ways we can support the Department of Computer Science?

There are numerous opportunities for you can make a very positive and substantial difference ranging from gifts-in-kind donations such as lab and computer equipment, to research grants, to scholarships, to endowments and naming opportunities. Contributors of such non-ePartners specific donations valued at $1,000 or more during a calendar year are recognized as Corporate Friends. For more information, email csc-extrelations@ncsu.edu or call 919.513.4292

I want more information about the ePartners Program. Who do I contact?

For more information on becoming an ePartner, email csc-extrelations@ncsu.edu or call 919.513.4292