ePartner Levels & Advantages

All our ePartners have access to a dedicated liaison on campus to help coordinate their activities, and to help tailor their engagement opportunities to meet specific needs.

In recognition of their unrestricted support to the department, our ePartners have access to:

  • Targeted and priority access to exclusive recruiting activities and tools
  • Access to NC State, College of Engineering and computer science news and communications
  • Recognition, branding, marketing and image exposure
  • Faculty interaction and engagement
  • Invitations to special events, receptions, seminars, lectures, forums, and focus groups
  • Sponsorship opportunities including Senior Design Center projects, major events, programs, and strategic initiatives.

Three distinct membership levels are available allowing businesses of any size an opportunity to partner with us.

Corporate Friends

This membership category recognizes those corporations providing the department non-ePartners-related support of any kind, including scholarships; equipment, software and other gifts-in-kind; Senior Design Center project sponsorship; endowed faculty support; research grants, etc., with a value in excess of $1,000. Corporate Friends enjoy recognition, communications and a stronger alignment with the department.


Whether you are a small start-up or a major global corporation, corporations recognized as ePartners enjoy greater exposure to and involvement in the department’s activities and future direction.
Minimum annual contributions of unrestricted funding required for recognition as an ePartner are:*
Start-ups (< 2 years old) - $1,500
Companies with 250 employees or less - $2,500
Companies with 251-1,000 employees - $5,000
Companies with 1,001-5,000 employees - $7,500
Companies with 5,001-10,000 employees - $10,000
Companies with >10,000 employees - $15,000

Super ePartners

This membership level allows ePartners an opportunity for even greater involvement in the activities and direction of the department. Super ePartners advantages provide a higher degree of departmental exposure and structured interactions with students and faculty members. Super ePartners membership requires an annual contribution of $25,000 or more in unrestricted funding.*
*Rates can be adjusted in consideration of other tangible gifts and support to the department and College of Engineering, including but not limited to gifts-in-kind, such as equipment and software; scholarship awards, naming rights, endowment funds, etc.


ePartner Program resources & advantages, by membership level, include...

Corporate Friend


Super ePartner

Monthly CSC eNewsletter Check Check Check
Subscription to NC State, College of Engineering and departmental publications Check Check Check
Invitations to selected university events, lectures, leadership series, receptions, and technology forums Check Check Check
Corporate name recognition on the ePartners Website and EB2 recognition wall Check Check Check
Corporate logo on ePartners Website Check Check

Dynamic & exclusive recruiting tools and events

Invitation to participate in annual ePartners Career Connection recruiting event Check Check
Access to special CSC Resume Books on ePack Check Check
Special “Top Bill” positioning via online Job Postings Check Check
Priority access to use interview rooms and office drop space in CSC Graduate Career Services Suite in EB2. Check Check
Early & priority access to dedicated facilities for Info Sessions and special recruiting events Check Check
Priority opportunity to participate in E-Day each spring conducting mock interviews, reviewing résumés, serving on panels, etc. Check Check
Dedicated “in-department” recruiting assistance & support Check Check
Opportunities to present to student organizations, including complimentary sponsorships for ACM/AITP "Tech Talks" Check Check
Priority & complimentary opportunities to host an ACM/AITP "Technology Workshop" introducing students to technologies they may not learn about in our curriculum. Check Check
Opportunities to provide input and direction for the computer science curriculum, including invitations to participate on focus groups, key appointment selection committees, skills inventory assessment, ABET industry panels, etc Check Check
Opportunities to interact with our dynamic faculty regarding industry/technology trends and explore options for collaborative research Check Check
Opportunities to deliver targeted "in-class" talks Check Check
Limited direct e-mail access to students and faculty and featured event promotion in weekly student e-mail & “day-of” social media blasts Check Check
Opportunities to host faculty on your site for seminars, lectures, lunch-n-learns, etc. on current research & targeted topics Check Check
Opportunity to attend special events and activities as VIP guests of the department Check Check
Sponsorship of two Senior Design Center projects or a major event, initiative, or program of equivalent value Check
Opportunity for executive representation on the department's Strategic Advisory Board Check
Priority access to present to CSC600 - Intro to CSC Graduate Studies class each fall. Check
Feature Page on ePartners Web Site – a “profile page” detailing the company’s partnership, recruiting interests, and special content, messages & links Check
Priority selection access to high demand sponsorship options subject to sponsor limits and caps Check