Become An ePartner

The ePartners Program provides a framework for developing and nurturing meaningful collaborative relationships between the global business community and NC State's Department of Computer Science.

Its primary focus is to foster ongoing communication and interaction between students, faculty and our corporate partners, to help shape the department's future. Funding and support generated by the program, and administered through the NC State Engineering Foundation, allow our department to continue to grow in emerging areas of computer science technology while providing the highest quality education for our students.

In recognition of their generous support, our ePartners have access to an extensive portfolio of engagement and interaction options across several membership levels, all designed to meet their specific needs and interests.

Annual qualifying contributions are based on company size, starting at just $2,500. Participation in the ePartners Program provides enhanced visibility and brand awareness with students and faculty via access to a host of premium engagement opportunities as well as a robust portfolio of exclusive resources and advantages, including our ePartners Career Connection career fairs, electronic ePack resume book, complementary speaking and engagement opportunities and much more.