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Krish Vitaldevara

SVP of Core Platforms, NetApp

Using Generative AI to Drive Engineering Productivity in the Enterprise

Tuesday, January 23rd, 6:30 PM; EB2 1231

Using Generative AI to Drive Engineering Productivity in the Enterprise

Abstract: Unlocking the unparalleled efficiency in enterprise engineering with generative AI. Krish will explore the transformative impact of leveraging AI to boost productivity, streamline workflows, and propel innovation in engineering domains.  He will cover how the benefits that NetApp has seen by using AI and how they are structured to take maximum advantage as the technology continues its rapid evolution.

Speaker Bio

Krish is a passionate product leader and engineer with demonstrated success at building compelling multiyear strategies for large platform and product teams and delivering significant impact for large enterprises and billions of consumers.
Krish is the Senior Vice President for Core Platforms at NetApp. Core platforms team is responsible for unified storage platform, manageability platform, Customer eXperience Office (CXO) and Chief Design Office (CDO) and enables the delivery of various NetApp offerings across On-Premise, Hybrid Cloud and Data Services. Prior to joining NetApp, Krish spent six+ years at Google in multiple roles, including leading product for Android and Plays Trust and Safety and Product for Google Maps. Krish joined Google after a long stint at Microsoft where he led product teams for O365 Foundations, Outlook.com and Microsoft Consumer Trust and Safety teams. Early on in his career, Krish worked at couple of startups - LoudCloud started by Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreesen and Brience that enabled enterprises to customize customer experiences on mobile. ?Krish holds an MBA degree from Santa Clara University and Masters in Information Systems Engineering from Arizona State University. Krish is also a proven innovator and hacker with more than 30 patents primarily in distributed systems, spam detection models, using graphs and networks for anomaly detection. 
Krish resides in the Bay Area with his wife, a son and daughter. Both of his kids are in to Water Polo and play for Saratoga High School. Krish is a recreational poker player who competes in world series of poker events and a chess player (blitz). Krish and family love traveling and are in the process of getting back to pre-covid run rate of two new countries per year.

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