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Stacy Joines

IBM Fellow & CTO, Watson Implementations, IBM

Practical AI: Experiences on the New Frontier

Tuesday, February 27th, 6:00 PM; EB2 1231

Practical AI: Experiences on the New Frontier

Abstract: Much has happened since IBM introduced Watson to the world in 2011. Watson quickly transitioned from TV celebrity to an AI system for business, research, health care, and a host of other areas. Our work in helping clients build these successful Watson solutions has shown that AI represents not only new technology, but also a new way of designing systems and considering data. This session will discuss successful strategies for introducing AI to your problem set and data, and also discuss how to help humans effectively leverage AI systems to solve problems. We'll also show how this client work has further influenced the Watson portfolio as to cloud services and tools. And of course, a few thoughts on where things are headed in this quickly changing technology space.

Speaker Bio

Stacy Joines is an IBM Fellow with Watson Implementations, the consulting team for IBM Watson. She works with clients implementing, deploying, managing, and growing their Watson solutions. Stacy's technology career spans many areas outside of AI, but notably performance and capacity for high volume environments. Prior to joining Watson, she led a consulting team in IBM Industry Solutions for Retail, and assisted her clients in preparing their web sites for Black Friday. She has also led performance consulting teams across the WebSphere portfolio. Her career started as developer of software development tools and architectures. She is a graduate of NC State University in Computer Science, and is located in the IBM Research Triangle Park lab in North Carolina. Learn more about Stacy at:

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