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Thomas Triumph

Executive Advisor, Business & Technology Partner

The Call To Innovate

Thursday, April 5th, 6:00 PM; EB2 1231

The Call To Innovate


We see and experience evidence that the world is rapidly changing. These shifts are impacting our working, social and personal lives. This engaging and fun talk is geared towards students (we all SHOULD be students of life & learning!), and explains how to not just survive - but thrive and contribute!

The talk begins with a succinct review of the forces driving these changes. We then learn the ways in which these drivers can be controlled and leveraged - thereby allowing each of us to not only keep pace with the changes, but to actually instead position ourselves for success in the evolving landscape.

Compelling real-world case studies are used to show what’s possible when someone understands the drivers impacting their world, and then begins to execute a plan to reinvent their work and self. A brief amount of time is spent on the downside when these drivers are ignored.

Speaker Bio

Thomas Triumph helps companies 10x their growth by collaboratively helping them reinvent their business, product development and marketing. Tom was a key participant in two global technology revolutions, helped pioneer less invasive surgery, oversaw the building of the largest composite hovercraft built in the US, and has overseen dozens of innovative products within different industries. Tom was the CEO of Orbital Environments, a company testing human related space equipment. He resides in Chapel Hill and is also an ultra runner who envies Tom Hanks' long run as Forest Gump. 

Note to CSC Graduate Students

These lectures have been approved by the CSC Graduate Oversight Committee to count toward the required lectures for graduate students. Download seminar attendance form.

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