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Scott Ganeles

CEO, Ipreo

On Being an Entrepreneur: Things No One Will Tell You

Thursday, January 30th, 6:00 PM; EB2 1231

On Being an Entrepreneur: Things No One Will Tell You

Abstract: Being an entrepreneur requires a lot more than just having a big idea and a business plan. In this candid session, Scott will give practical advice on getting started (stop tweaking your PPT presentation and do something), share lessons learned the hard way (you might need to fail to succeed), and talk about what it takes to keep a business moving forward (hint: your path is NEVER a straight line). Come with questions of your own for an interactive discussion!

Speaker Bio

Scott has a history of successful entrepreneurial initiatives, starting with the co-founding of the Carson Group, one of the most innovative pioneers in the investor relations services space. The company sold to Thomson Financial in 2000.

Scott was immediately recruited by Merrill Lynch to head up a spin-off firm focused on deal execution software for capital markets new issuance. The company was i-Deal, which later became Ipreo. Scott has been CEO since its inception, growing it from a niche software concept to a $160 million global enterprise with a diversified business.

Scott earned his BA in Political Science from Brown University.

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