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Donald A. Thompson, Jr.

President & CEO, I-Cubed

The Three C's to Win in Today's Economic Environment

Tuesday, November 10th, 6:00 PM; EB II 1231

The Three C's to Win in Today's Economic Environment

Abstract: The recent financial meltdown, Internet bubble and the integrity violations of leaders have exposed a steep price when success turns out to be an illusion. The next generation of leaders must regroup and win in an atmosphere of risk and uncertainty. The point is no one knows exactly what to do. The critical difference is our ability to derive the correct lessons that turn our current experiences into a platform for producing personal and professional results. Blending the aggressive professional expectations of today with a plan for developing portable skills for tomorrow is a survival requirement in the new economy. Simply put, everyday is a race to improve and every meeting is performance review. Any cookbook approach is powerless with the unfolding situations of the real world, so no cookbooks. We'll discuss actionable, relevant and repeatable examples of how I-Cubed continues to punch above it's weight delivering technical solutions to customers/partners like BAE, Electrolux, Black & Decker, Adobe Systems and PTC

Speaker Bio

Donald is currently the CEO & President of I-Cubed a Raleigh, NC based technology firm. In this role, he provides the strategic framework for delivering a portfolio of enterprise software and service solutions to a global customer base. Donald's professional experience includes management posts in the following sectors: retail, restaurant, technology sales, software development and consumer product distribution.

Additionally, Donald serves as Chairman of MRG LLC Advisory Board, on the NC State CSC Strategic Advisory Board and is the Founder/Managing Partner for SGW Consulting. Donald combines leadership, a drive for results, and exceptional interpersonal skills to build profitable teams. As the son of a football coach, a team first mentality is weaved into the fabric of all the projects that he undertakes.

Donald attended ECU on an athletic scholarship, studied finance and met is his wife of 15 years before leaving school to start his first company at age 19.

For additional information, see article in local magazine (link).

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