Undergraduate Program - Concentration in Game Development

The Department of Computer Science offers a concentration in game development to undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science at NC State. The game development concentration allows the student to develop an understanding of the scientific and technological principles associated with the design and development of computer and console games for both entertainment and serious applications. Current CSC BS students may apply to the Game Development Concentration after passing through several courses. The application is available here.

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Objectives of the Concentration in Game Development
The objectives of concentration are to:

  • graduate skilled computer scientists with deep knowledge in the algorithms, processes and technologies used to make games
  • balance training in the technologies of games with the same breadth in Computer Science instruction as all Computer Science students
  • provide students with a a multi-disciplinary view of game creation by requiring specific courses from other disciplines that contribute to the process of game creation
Program of Study

Students take all courses required for the CSC major. Concentration course selection for Restricted and Other Electives is constrained to focus on specific courses directly related to game design and development. Specifically, all students pursuing the concentration must take both CSC 461, Computer Graphics, and CSC 481, Game Design and Development. Further, students must take either CSC 462, Advanced Graphics Projects or CSC 482, Advanced Game Development Projects. Students must select two additional CSC courses from the following list:

  • CSC 411 Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC 454 Human-Computer Interaction
  • CSC 462 Introduction to Graphics
  • CSC 482 Game Design and Development
  • CSC 484 Building Game AI
  • CSC 582 Computer Models of Interactive Narrative
Prerequisite Structure Advanced Games Elective

Students pursuing the Game Development Concentration must select their Other Electives from the following list (note that, with the exception of MUS 306, these classes are approved as Other Electives ONLY for the Game Development Concentration)

  • CSC 281 - Foundations of Interactive Game Design
  • COM 327 - Critical Analysis of Communication Media
  • COM 427 - Game Studies
  • ENG 282 - Introduction to Film
  • ENG 288 - Fiction Writing
  • ENG 376 - Science Fiction
  • ENG 377 - Fantasy
  • ENG 492 - Special Topics in Film
  • MUS 306 - Music Composition with Computers
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Curriculum Requirements for B.S. in Computer Science: Game Development Concentration

For more information, interested students should contact the CSC Director of Undergraduate Advising:

Dr. Barbara Jasmine Adams
Department of Computer Science
NC State University
890 Oval Drive, Box 8206
1204C - Engineering Building II
Raleigh, NC 27695-8206

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