Undergraduate Program - Concentration in Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Computer Science at NC State offers a concentration in Artificial Intelligence to undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science. Students in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) complete 21 credit hours of focused work on AI topics. Completing the concentration will provides students with the skills to develop intelligent and autonomous systems in multiple domains, apply machine learning and data mining to address real-world problems, and incorporate intelligent behavior into computing platforms.


The CSC undergraduate AI Concentration program at NC State prepares its BS graduates to achieve both the career and professional goals for the CSC degree and the following AI-specific career and professional goals:

  1. Apply deep expertise in both the theoretical basis and professional practice of Artificial Intelligence including core concepts and methods, technologies and practices, and ethical and policy concerns in pursuit of advanced degrees and careers.
  2. Professionally and ethically analyze problems and datasets to identify appropriate applications of AI and data analysis.
  3. Apply Artificial Intelligence techniques and practices to solve real-world problems and to make data-informed decisions in their professional work.


Upon graduation CSC students with the AI Concentration will meet the CSC student outcomes and will:

  1. Apply theoretical, conceptual, and professional Artificial Intelligence practices to solve Artificial Intelligence problems.
  2. Represent knowledge, analyze data, and interpret results for data-informed decision-making and data-driven problem-solving.
  3. Describe the ethical challenges associated with using Artificial Intelligence practices and skills for specific analysis situations and problems.
  4. Apply appropriate analysis techniques to solve problems in the Artificial Intelligence domain.


Students may apply to join the AI concentration after completing CSC 230 and CSC 316. Students wishing to enroll should have a major GPA of 3.0 or higher; however, students with GPAs between 2.75 and 2.99 will be considered depending on space.

Students complete the concentration application on the CSC Advising website. Applications are reviewed at least once per semester, typically after COE CODA decisions are completed.


Students take all courses required for the CSC major. Concentration course selection for Restricted and Other Electives is constrained to focus on specific courses related to Artificial Intelligence and related fields. Students take the following concentration-specific courses:

  • CSC 411 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC 422 Automated Learning and Data Analysis
  • CSC AI Restricted Electives (6 hours)
    • CSC 440 Database Management Systems
    • CSC 442 Introduction to Data Science
    • CSC 455 Social Computing and Decentralized Artificial Intelligence
    • CSC 484 Building Game AI
    • Approved CSC 495 (special topics) in the area of AI
  • AI Restricted Electives (9 hours)
    • CSC AI Restricted Electives
    • Other courses from Business Management, Economics, Data Science, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics

Students in the AI Concentration who want to take coursework outside of CSC are encouraged to enroll in the associated minor.


First Year

Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
CH 101 Chemistry – A Molecular Science 1,2 3 CSC 116 Intro to Computing- Java 2 3
CH 102 General Chemistry Laboratory 1,2 1 MA 241 Calculus II 1,2 4
E 101 Intro to Engineering & Prob Solving 1,3 1 PY 205 Physics for Engineers & Scientists I 1,2 3
E 115 Intro to Computing Environments 1 1 PY 206 Physics for Engineers & Scientists I Lab 1,2 1
ENG 101 Academic Writing & Research 1,3 4 EC 205 Fund of Econ
(or EC 201 or ARE 201)
MA 141 Calculus I 1,2 4 E 102 Engineering in the 21st Century 1,2 2
14 16

Second Year


Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
CSC 216 Software Development Fundamentals 2 3 CSC 230 C and Software Tools 3
CSC 217 Software Development Fundamentals Lab 2 1 CSC 316 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CSC 333 Automata, Grammars, and Computability 2 3 CSC 316 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
MA 242 Calculus III 4 MA 305 Elementary Linear Algebra 3
PY 208 Physics for Engrs & Sci II 3 GEP Requirement 3
PY 208 Physics for Engrs & Sci II 1
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
16 15

Third Year

Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
CSC 246 Operating
Systems for CSC
3 CSC 326 Software Engineering 4
CSC 411 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2 3 CSC 379 Ethics in Computing 1
ST 370 Probability & Statistics for Engrs 3 CSC 422 Automated Learning and Data Analysis 2 3
GEP Requirement 3 ENG 331 Comm. for Engr and Tech 3
AI Restricted Elective 3 GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
Other Restricted Elective 300+ 3
15 15

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
CSC AI Restricted Elective 2 3 CSC 492 Senior Design Project 3
CSC Restricted Elective 3 CSC AI Restricted Elective 3
AI Restricted Elective 3 AI Restricted Elective 3
Basic Science Elective 3 3 GEP Requirement 3
GEP Requirement 3 GEP Requirement 3
15 15

Minimum Credit Hours Required for Graduation 121 4

Major/Program requirements and footnotes

1 Courses required for matriculation (CODA).

2 A grade of C or higher is required.

3 Grade of C- or higher required.

4 One of the following two conditions regarding the major GPA is required: l) the major GPA, which consists of all CSC courses attempted at NCSU, must be 2.0 or higher or II) a student whose major grade point average is below 2.0 may graduate if no CSC course used to satisfy the major requirements has a grade below a C-.


You may find more information about the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree, including the Plan Requirements in the NC State Catalog.

For more information, interested students should contact the CSC Director of Undergraduate Advising:

Dr. Barbara Jasmine Adams
Department of Computer Science
NC State University
890 Oval Drive, Box 8206
1204C - Engineering Building II
Raleigh, NC 27695-8206