Undergraduate Program - Track in Security

Effective Fall 2019

As information technology continues to become ingrained in society, there are real-world impacts whenever the security or privacy of these systems fail.

The Undergraduate Track in Security teaches students the skills necessary to build, analyze, and reason about secure and private systems beyond the security coverage in the core curriculum. Topics include both an overview of computer and network security and a variety of more in-depth topics, including systems security, network security, software security, privacy, and cryptography. This track is open to all undergraduate CSC students who are not part of the Cybersecurity concentration.


The Security Track curriculum provides guidance on three (3) of the four (4) CSC Restricted Electives that students are expected to take as part of their degree requirements, for a total of 9 credit hours. The track suggests related courses and minors that students may be interested in taking for their remaining CSC Restricted Elective or Other Restricted Electives.

Required Courses

Only students who are pursuing the CSC Honors or ABM programs may take the Graduate (500 level) versions of the courses.

Related Courses

Related Minors

Students may want to minor in subjects related to security. Some possible minors are:


Upon completion of all degree requirements and Security Track required courses, students with a major GPA of 2.5 or higher may request an official letter of track completion. The letter will be on department letterhead, signed by the Director of Undergraduate Programs, and will mention you by name, your degree program, and that you have successfully completed the Undergraduate Track in Security. Please contact Dr. B. Jasmine Adams with CSC Advising here to request a letter of completion.


For questions about the Security Track and entrepreneurial opportunities, please contact Dr. William Enck and Dr. Sarah Heckman.