Advising Forms

Graduate Class Request
  • to be used by undergraduate students who are:
    • current or prospective Accelerated Bachelors to Masters (ABM) students
    • current or prospective CSC Honors students
CSC Advising Planning
  • to be used during pre-registration advising for Spring, Summer, and Fall
Declare the Computer Programming Minor
Once you have successfully passed CSC 116, you may request entrance into the Computer Programming Minor by submitting this form. The Department will begin the review process on forms submitted in Spring on or about April 15. Forms submitted in the Summer will begin to be reviewed after the 10-week summer grades have been entered. Forms submitted in the Fall will begin to be reviewed on or about November 15. Students will be notified via email when their form has been reviewed.
Game Development Concentration Application Move a CSC Class
  • to be used after CODA into Computer Science degree AND a grade is earned in the course you wish to move
NCSU Registration and Records forms