Academic Advising

Meet the CSC Advising Team

Photo of Barbara J. Adams
Dr. Barbara Jasmine Adams
Director of Academic Advising (Undergraduate)

Office Hours

Photo of ToniAnn Marini
Ms. ToniAnn Marini
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising

Office Hours

Photo of Gary Weinberg
Dr. Gary Weinberg
CSC Academic Advisor

Office Hours

Photo of Zelda Tuazama
Mrs. Zelda Tuazama
CSC Student Services Secretary

Important Reminders

If you see a "term advisement required" in MyPack Portal, please review the "details" to see for what term it is applied.

If you are enrolled in Spring 2018, the release of your Spring advisement hold also allows you to enroll in Summer 2018 courses. Just change the drop down menu on the enrollment wizard for Summer I or Summer II to review the available classes. Please note classes in Summer I may last for 3, 5, or 10 weeks and classes in Summer II are typically only 5 weeks in duration.

The CSC Undergraduate Advising Office is always happy to discuss Summer classes (taken at NCSU or elsewhere).

Fall 2018 pre-registration advising will begin on March 13, after the Enrollment Wizard has updated for Fall 2018. Students who are ready to be advised without the Enrollment Wizard update are always welcome to be advised.

We always look forward to seeing you during our drop in, no appointment needed office hours.

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