Undergraduate Programs - Entrepreneurship in CSC

Effective Fall 2019

NC State and CSC provide several ways undergraduate students can engage in entrepreneurship as part of their coursework and in a broader entrepreneurial community. Students can customize the CSC Restricted and Other Restricted Electives as part of the CSC major to start working on their entrepreneurial ideas as part of their degree.

CSC Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Track

Completion of the Entrepreneurship Track requires 13 hours of coursework that can fit within the CSC Restricted and Other Restricted Electives. CSC is partnering with the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) to support the CSC Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Track.

Required Courses

  • ECE 383 will be allowed as an ORE.
  • ECE 482 will be allowed as a CSC RE.
  • ECE 483 will be allowed as a CSC RE.
  • Two more CSC REs will be taken from the CSC RE Entrepreneurship list.

CSC RE Entrepreneurship List
Coursework is recommended to support the technical needs of the entrepreneurial innovation of interest to the student.

  • CSC 411: Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC 419: DevOps
  • CSC 422: Automated Learning and Data Analysis
  • CSC 440: Database Management Systems
  • CSC 442: Introduction to Data Science
  • CSC 450: Web Services
  • CSC 453: Software for Wireless Sensor Systems
  • CSC 454: Human-Computer Interaction
  • CSC 455: Introduction to Internet of Things [IoT] Systems
  • CSC 461: Computer Graphics
  • CSC 467: Multimedia Technology
  • CSC 495: Select Special Topics in Computer Science (as approved by Dr. Roberts)
  • CSC 498: Independent Projects (as approved by Dr. Roberts)
  • CSC 499: Undergraduate Research (as approved by Dr. Roberts)

University Entrepreneurship Offerings

There are many entrepreneurship initiatives in the broader NC State community that may be of interest to CSC students.
Certificate in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship
The University awards a Certificate in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship that differs from entrepreneurship minors by giving students a broad perspective of the entrepreneurial process. Interested students can learn more at the web page.

Other Courses
Many departments in the University offer entrepreneurial courses, which are not required for completion of the CSC Entrepreneurship Track. Two notable courses are:

Entrepreneurial Resources

Students interested in entrepreneurial work will find resources within NC State.

Letter of Completion

Upon completion of all degree requirements and Entrepreneurship Track required courses, students with a major GPA of 2.5 or higher may request an official letter of track completion. The letter will be on department letterhead, signed by the Director of Undergraduate Programs, and will mention you by name, your degree program, and that you have successfully completed the Undergraduate Track in Entrepreneurship. Please contact Dr. B. Jasmine Adams with CSC Advising here to request a letter of completion.

Further Information

For questions about the Entrepreneurial Track and entrepreneurial opportunities, please contact Dr. David Roberts, CSC Undergraduate Entrepreneurial Track Coordinator.