Undergraduate Program - Two Degrees and Not-for-CSC-Credit Courses

Two Degrees

Students who have satisfactorily completed the requirements of more than one bachelor's degree may be awarded two bachelor's degrees at the same or at different commencement exercises. To earn two degrees, a student registers in one school or department and, with the cooperation of the second school or department, works out a program of study to cover the requirements for both. Students must file an approved Curriculum Change Form labeled "Second Degree" with the Department of Registration and Records.

Not-for-CSC-Credit Courses

The following courses do not fulfill any of the computer science degree requirements for computer science majors:

  • Any precalculus math or lower-level calculus (MA 121, 131, ...)
  • Any FLE (Foreign Language English) course
  • ED 296 series, CH 100, PY 131, PY 211, and PY 212
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