Undergraduate Program - Curriculum Restrictions & Restricted Electives

Since restricted electives are taken in the junior and senior years, planning can be used to schedule and take the approved courses. There should be few exceptions to the lists of approved restricted electives. If a student wishes to propose receiving credit for a course which has not been approved, the student may present to advising@csc.ncsu.edu a course syllabus, or other material, that can be used to evaluate the technical content and suitability of the proposed substitute course. The proposed substitution will be evaluated. If it is approved, a note to that effect will be placed in the student's file. Clearly, any course substitution approval should be determined before taking the course.

Curriculum Restrictions
  • A grade of C or better is required for CH 101, CH 102, CSC 116, CSC 216, CSC 226, MA 141, MA 241, PY 205, and PY 206. A grade of C minus or better is required for ENG 101.
  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) earned in all courses attempted at NCSU must be 2.0 or higher to satisfy University graduation requirements. In addition, the College of Engineering requires one of the following:
    • a GPA of 2.0 or higher in all courses bearing the CSC designation.
    • - OR -
    • a grade of C minus or higher in each CSC course used to satisfy degree requirements.

  • Unless otherwise specified by the degree audit, a grade of D minus or higher is accepted for all other classes.

  • Restricted elective courses offer some flexibility for students to select subject matter that matches their interests. The common aspect of all restricted electives is that they must have substantial technical content in an engineering, science, or business context. Courses meeting this criterion have been approved and listed below for two categories: "CSC Restricted" and "Other Restricted" electives.
CSC Restricted Electives:

Students may take any course listed in the "CSC Restricted Elective Degree Category" to satisfy degree requirements, as long as each section covers a different topic.

Twelve hours of CSC courses at the 300 or 400 level are required. For students pursuing the ABM, these must be taken at the 500 level.

These twelve hours can be chosen from CSC 302, CSC 342, or from any 400 level computer science courses *except* 423, 427, 428, or 489. See the current semester's listing here.

*Note: Independent Study (CSC 498 & 499) and Study Abroad must have the department's prior approval to be used in this category or in the Other Restricted Elective category below. Only six (6) hours of these classes may count in the CSC Restricted Elective group. More information can be found here.

Other Restricted Electives:

As of Fall 2021, twelve (12) hours are required. At least six hours must be from the Group B category, which is typically courses at or above the 300 level. A maximum of six (6) hours may come from Independent Study and/or Study Abroad. *Note:* Any course not already in the list must have the department's prior approval to be used in this category. Submit a copy of the syllabus for the course to the Syllabus Review Form for evaluation. The approved "other" restricted electives are:

Course Code
Course Number
(210 or 280) plus all 300 level courses except ACC 300
All 300 or 400 level courses except 350
435, 465
251, 281, 255, 295, 302, (can not use BOTH ECE 212 and CSC 312 for graduation requirements in CSC), plus all 400 or 500 level courses
All 300, 400, or 500 level courses
211, 212 (can not use BOTH ECE 212 and CSC 312 for graduation requirements in CSC), plus all 300, 400, or 500 level courses ECE 309 is included in this list if taken before Fall 2018 and excluded from this list if taken Fall 2018 or later
320, 350, 420, 450
411 plus all 500-level courses
408, 311 or 361 plus all 400 or 500 level courses
335, 435, 535
(301 or 341), 302, 351, plus all 400 or 500 level courses with prerequisites at the 200 level or higher except 405, 421, and 433
All 200 or higher level courses
All 300 and 400 level courses
201 plus all 300 or 400-level courses
All 300 or 400 level courses
All 500 level courses
307, 340, 400, 410, 420, or 425
All 400 or 500 level courses
372 plus all 400 or 500 level courses. ST 350 cannot be counted as an Other Restricted elective.
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