Undergraduate Program - Program of Study

Proposed Program of Study (121 semester hours)
Core curriculum

The core curriculum of the Bachelor of Science degree in CSC is designed to provide CSC graduates a working knowledge of fundamental principles in:

  • Object oriented programming
  • Software engineering
  • Logic and assembly language
  • Operating systems
  • Data structures

As freshmen, students should prepare a plan of courses for their academic program, noting that certain undergraduate courses do not count toward the computer science undergraduate degree requirements. Students should decide upon an area of specialization and a career objective by the beginning of their junior year.

Choosing from more than 20 senior level courses in the undergraduate program, students learn about today’s current and emerging hot topics in computer science, including computer security, information security, gaming, networking, interface design, multimedia technology and software for wireless sensors. Students have the option of completing an undergraduate track in Entrepreneurship or Security.

Seniors are required to take one capstone class. They work with company sponsors on software design and development projects through the Senior Design Center's capstone Senior Design Projects course, CSC 492.

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