Graduate Program - Financial Aid and Cost


The Computer Science department (CSC) offers a comprehensive, four-year financial aid package to every PhD admitted for fall terms who requests aid on the application. Our aid offers include full-time tuition, individual health insurance, and a competitive stipend in exchange for 20-hours-per-week of service as a teaching assistant (TA) to the department, or a research assistant (RA) to a faculty member. Our funding offers exceed the university's estimate of student expenses, but they do not include student fees. (Note that if a PhD applicant requests aid, it implies they have not been awarded comprehensive aid from any other source.)

The majority of our doctoral students begin their careers supported by the department as TAs, and then transition to RA appointments in the third or fourth semester, funded from individual faculty members' research grants. During the summer months, most secure internships or RA appointments.

A list of currently funded research projects in the department, and faculty in charge of those projects, may be found at our research projects page. For information about educational funding administered by the Graduate School, see Financial Support and the Graduate Student Support Plan.


Pursuing an advanced degree in the U.S. incurs expense. The good news is, NC State tuition and fees remain consistently modest when compared to our public university peers. Still, it's essential prospective applicants to our program are fully informed about costs.

To learn more, go to the university's on-campus tuition and fees page:

  • for doctoral programs, look for the drop down link labeled "Graduate"
  • for our masters programs, look for the drop down links labeled "Master of Computer Science" or "MS in Computer Engineeering... Computer Networking (CSC)"
  • for certificate programs, look for the drop down link labeled "Graduate"

If your interest is distance study, go to the university's distance tuition page:

  • for our masters programs look for the drop down links labeled "Graduate Engineering Online - Computer Science" or "Computer Networking" and click the drop down link labeled "Graduate - Engineering Online" for certificates.

To learn more about student fees and the services they provide, go to the university's fee explanation page.

Note that the College of Engineering (which includes CSC) levies its own special fee, "COE Program Enhancement Fee", that is described at the explanation page above.

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