Graduate Program - Cost / Financial Aid Opportunities

The Computer Science Graduate Program awards teaching assistantships (TAs) to incoming doctoral students on a competitive basis. Applicants indicate their interest in financial aid by selecting "Admission and Financial Aid" in the Application and Test Information section of the online application. There is no special form required to be considered for a teaching assistantship. Students receiving TAs are notified personally by the Director of Graduate Programs, generally by mid-March for Fall applicants.

Research assistantships (RAs) are awarded by individual faculty members from their research grants. For information and consideration, admitted PhD students should directly contact the faculty member for whose projects they believe they may be a good fit. The great majority of RAs are doctoral students. A list of currently-funded research projects in the Department of Computer Science, and the faculty in charge of those projects, may be found here.

Students who wish to be considered for teaching and other fellowships (Dean's, Andrews PhD, Collier, Ward PhD, University Graduate Fellowship, Diversity) must meet the “with financial aid” application deadline. Decisions are made by the department’s admissions committee and the Director of Graduate Programs.

An assistantship (either RA, or TA) places the student on the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP). This includes full tuition, health insurance, and a stipend. The value of the full assistantship package exceeds the university's estimate of student living expenses.

For more information about financial aid, please refer to the following:

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