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Student Name Defense Date Advisor Dissertation First Position
Samal, Tripti 2024-04-03 R. Dutta A Trust Model for IoT Systems Using Physical Capabilities
Wilson, Ellis 2024-04-01 F. Mueller Software Techniques for Improving the Accessibility and Performance of NISQ Era Quantum Computing
Gransbury, Isabella 2024-03-18 V. Catete Investigating A New Pair Programming Collaboration Method For Block-Based Programming Environments
Liu, Chengyuan 2024-03-18 DK Xu; E. Gehringer Addressing Labeled Data Scarcity in Peer Assessment Evaluation
Hao, Yueming 2024-03-14 X. Liu Let GPUs Work Harder: Performance Analysis and Optimization for GPGPU Applications
Madathil, Varun 2024-03-08 A. Scafuro Enhancing Client's Anonymity and Efficiently in Cryptocurrencies
Gao, Ge 2024-03-07 M. Chi Human-Centric Inspired Intelligent Decision-Making
Shimmei, Machi 2024-03-06 N. Matsuda Harnessing AI for Online Courseware Learning Engineering: Learning Objective Aware Question Generation for Pedagogically Effective Formative Assessment
Shi, Yang 2024-03-04 T. Price Interpretable Code-Informed Student Modeling for Computer Science Education
Garg, Vaibhav 2024-03-04 M. Singh Unveiling Harassment through Natural Language Processing
Tunde-Onadele, Fogo 2024-01-25 H. Gu Detecting Security Attacks and Vulnerabilities in Cloud Server Systems
Fahid, Fahmid Morshed 2024-01-10 J. Lester An Online Deep RL-Based Pedagogical Planning Framework for AI-Driven Learning Environments
Ling, Xiao 2023-12-11 T. Menzies On the Use of Landscape Analysis for Software Analytic Tasks
Mahmud, Samin 2023-12-05 W. Enck Automated Evaluation of Industry Security Standards in Android Payment Systems
Zhu, Mu 2023-11-16 M. Singh Defensive Deception in the Enterprise Network
Koishybayev, Igibek 2023-11-02 A. Kapravelos Using Program Analysis to Secure Software Supply
McFadden, Zari 2023-10-17 V. Catete A Rubric for Addressing Systems of Oppression in AI Ethics Research
Carpenter, Dan 2023-09-11 J. Lester Natural Language Analysis of Student Reflection in Game-Based Learning
Lin, Yuhang 2023-09-06 X. Gu Self-Supervised Distributed Machine Learning for Robust Containerized Systems
Gavane, Ajinkya 2023-08-18 B. Watson Novel Applications of Multi-View Point Rendering
Xu, Yuanchao 2023-08-17 X. Shen; Y. Solihin Data-Centric Architecture Support for Security Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Cruz
Yang, Xian 2023-08-09 N. Samatova; R. Vatsavai Knowledge Guided Cloud Imputation in Remote Sensing
Zhao, Yifan 2023-08-03 N. Samatova; R. Vatsavai Multi-modal Data Fusion for Remote Sensing Cloud Imputation With User Preference
Majumder, Suvodeep 2023-08-03 T. Menzies On The Exploitation of Repeated Structures for Software Analytics
Tzeng, Christine 2023-08-02 M. Singh Human Centricity and Norm Awareness in Cognitive Systems
Anjum, Iffat 2023-07-12 W. Enck Removing Trust within On-Premises Enterprise Networks
Khan, Hassan 2023-07-10 G. Jin; M. Shahzad Demystifying the Opaque Algorithms: A Measurement Framework to Characterize the Usage Behaviors of the Gig Economy Services
Abdelshiheed, Mark 2023-06-26 M. Chi Combining Reinforcement Learning and Three Learning Theories to Achieve Transfer and Bridge Metacognitive Knowledge Gap Postdoc with Dr. Sidney D'Mello, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado Boulder
Iqbal, Hassan 2023-06-06 M. Shahzad Characterizing and Improving the Performance of Realtime Cloud Applications
Ghamsari, Samim 2023-06-05 C. Parnin; J-P Ore Addressing CS-Ed Course Material Preparation and Delivery Frictions through ClassOps
Polinsky, Isaac 2023-05-23 W. Enck Practical and Secure Architectures using Ephemeral Cloud Environments
Zhang, Shaohu 2023-05-17 A. Das Towards Context-Aware and Trustworthy Voice Assistants
Chen, Yi-Chun 2023-05-09 A. Jhala A Framework with Hierarchical Models for Visual Narrative Sequence Comprehension and its Applications
Imtiaz, Nasif 2023-05-08 L. Williams Toward Secure Use of Open Source Dependencies
Khan, Usman 2023-04-25 M. Shahzad Enabling Novel Applications through Sensing with Wireless Signals
Qiu, Zhengyi 2023-04-19 G. Jin Understanding and Combatting Request Races in Database-backed Web Applications
Qiu, Zhengyi 2023-04-19 G.Jin, H. Zhou, A. Kapravelos, H.Gu, X.Liu Understanding and Combatting Request Races in Database-backed Web Applications
Haque, Abida 2023-03-21 A. Scafuro New Approaches for Threshold and Traceable Ring Signatures
Shabrina, Preya 2023-03-06 T. Barnes Exploring Strategy Learning and Data-driven Subgoal Interventions to Aid Current and Future Problem Solving
Cheng, Kelvin 2023-03-06 C. Healey Towards Robust, Generalizable, and Explainable Stereo Matching for Autonomous Driving Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, Rivian
Kumar, Aman 2023-02-02 B. Starly; C. Lynch; R. Shirwaiker Information Extraction and Knowledge Graph Development for Manufacturing Science Domain using Natural Language Processing
Bastin, Kornelia 2023-01-23 C. Healey Summarizing and Visualizing NASCAR Driver-Pit Crew Communication for Post-Race Analysis VP, Lead Data Scientist - AI & Analytics Accelerator, Truist
Wang, Emma 2023-01-23 T. Price Automated, Personalized Examples to Support Creative, Open-Ended Programming
Mallick, Shailaja 2022-12-14 C. Healey; D. Eun Spread of Opinion in a Social Network: Targeted Advertising in Social Networks & Visualizing Product Feature Effects
Mahdavi Hezaveh, Rezvan 2022-12-06 L. Williams A Comprehensive Model of Software Configuration Software Engineer, Google
Gardner, Kirk 2022-11-03 D. Sheehy Verified Topological Data Analysis and a Theory of Sub-barcodes
Potts, Colin 2022-10-31 A. Jhala Interactive Data Analysis for Experts: Tools, Techniques, and Assessments
Christie, Samuel 2022-10-27 M. Singh Information-based Decentralized Systems
Brockelsby, William 2022-10-21 R. Dutta Hybrid SDN Campus Architectures for Agility and Enhanced Cybersecurity Chief Network Architect, Duke University & Duke University Health System
Ao, Jing 2022-10-19 R. Chirkova Temporal Knowledge Graphs: Integrations, Querying, and Analytics Data Scientist, Microsoft
Nan, Zifan 2022-10-14 X. Shen Code Synthesis Based on Natural Language Understanding
Li, Bolun 2022-09-26 X. Liu Identifying Performance Inefficiencies via Object-centric Profiling for Java Programs Running on JVM and Android Runtime Research Scientist, Meta
Sohn, Hyunwoo 2022-08-16 M. Chi Temporal-RIDA (Robust and Informative Data Augmentation) for Disease Progression Modeling Research Scientist, Amazon
Card, Alexander 2022-08-03 C. Martens Scaffolding Player-Experience-Centered Game Design for Novice Programmers Teaching Assistant Professor, NCSU
Xu, Yiqiao 2022-06-29 C. Lynch Analyzing and Scaffolding Semi-structured MOOC Forums to Support Social Learning and Help-Seeking Data Scientist, MetLife
Gaweda, Adam 2022-06-28 C. Lynch Encouraging Student Practice using Nudge Theory Recommendations during Study and Struggle Teaching Assistant Professor, NCSU
Bai, Gina 2022-06-15 K. Stolee Improving Student Testing Practices through a Lightweight Checklist Intervention Assistant Professor of the Practice, Vanderbilt University
Presler-Marshall, Kai 2022-06-14 K. Stolee; S. Heckman Supporting Computer Science Education Through Automation and Surveys Lecturer, Bowdoin University
Tran, Kenneth 2022-06-10 H. Krim Deep Structural Learning for Fusion in Remote Sensing Applications Research Scientist, Meta
Shrestha, Nischal 2022-06-02 C. Parnin Supporting Just-In-Time Learning for Data Science Programming Data Science Educator, RStudio
Horton, Eric 2022-05-20 C. Parnin Automatic Inference of Computing Environments Senior Software Engineer, Github
Zhang, Guoqiang 2022-05-03 X. Shen Cross-Boundary Optimization of Data Analytics Programs Research Scientist, Meta
Yang, Xi 2022-05-02 M. Chi Time-aware Hierarchical EM Energy-based Subsequence Learning for Inducing Offline Decision-making Policies with Heterogeneous Rewards Research Scientist, IBM Research
Kim, Yeo Jin 2022-04-27 M. Chi Time-aware Deep Reinforcement Learning with Multi-Temporal Abstraction Research Scientist, CEI, NCSU
Chakraborty, Joymallya 2022-03-24 T.Menzies Title: Deciphering ML Software Fairness Applied Scientist II, Amazon
Khetawat, Harsh 2022-03-02 F. Mueller Managing Extreme Heterogeneity in Next Generation HPC Systems Member of Technical Staff, Nutanix
Harsh, Khetawat 2022-03-02 F. Mueller Managing Extreme Heterogeneity in Next Generation HPC Systems Member of Technical Staff, Nutanix
Henderson, Nathan 2022-02-23 J. Lester Deep Learning-Based Multimodal Affect Detection for Adaptive Learning Environments AI Research Scientist, Radiance Technologies
Narayanaswamy Chandrasekaran, Shrikanth 2021-12-10 T. Menzies Taming Confusions in Software Engineering Senior Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
Xia, Tianpei 2021-12-08 T. Menzies Assessing the Health Status of Open-Source Software Project Software Engineer, NewsBreak
Kim, Tae Hyun 2021-12-08 D. Reeves Advanced Authentication and Authorization Protocol for IoT Networks
Tu, Huy 2021-12-06 T. Menzies Reducing Effort of Labelling Software Engineering Data with Semi-supervised Learning Machine Learning Engineer, Meta
Shu, Rui 2021-12-03 T.Menzies On the Value of Hyperparameter Optimization in Security Software/Machine Learning Engineer, Seel
Mathew, George 2021-12-01 K.Stolee Cross-language code similarity and applications in clone detection and code search Research Scientist, Meta
Emerson, Andrew 2021-11-30 J. Lester Multimodal Learning Analytics for Predictive Student Modeling in Game-Based Learning Machine Learning Engineer, ETS
Behroozi, Mahnaz 2021-11-16 C. Parnin Toward Non-discriminatory Technical Interviews in Software Engineering Data Scientist, IBM
Marwan, Samiha 2021-10-29 T. Price Investigating Best Practices in the Design of Automated Hints and Formative Feedback to Improve Students' Programming Outcomes Computing Innovation Fellow, UVA
Christensen, Johanne 2021-08-13 B. Watson Richly Communicative Systems for Machine Learning Training
Mao, Ye 2021-08-12 M. Chi Temporal Skill Discovery For Modeling Student Learning Progression Across STEM Domains Machine Learning Developer, SAS
Akintunde, Ruth 2021-08-12 T. Barnes Learning Analytics for Data-Informed Interventions in Blended Classrooms Machine Learning Developer, SAS
Patil, Onkar 2021-06-29 F. Mueller Assessing the Performance of and Devising Optimization Strategies for Heterogeneous Memory under HPC Workloads Research Scientist, IBM Research Almaden
Wang, Peipei 2021-06-17 K. Stolee Analyses of Regular Expression Usage in Software Development Software Engineer/Researcher in Infrastructure System Lab at Bytedance
He, Jingzhu 2021-06-08 H. Gu Automatically Fixing Performance Bugs and Extracting Bug Signatures for Cloud Systems Assistant Professor at ShanghaiTech University
Guo, Hui 2021-05-11 M. Singh Informative Events and Stories in Text Related to Software Development Machine Learning Engineer, Quora
Jueckstock, Jordan 2021-05-07 A. Kapravelos Enhancing the Security and Privacy of the Web Browser Platform via Improved Web Measurement Methodology Computer Science faculty, Bob Jones University
Sanz Ausin, Markel 2021-05-03 M. Chi A Transfer Learning Framework for Human-Centric Deep Reinforcement Learning with Reward Engineering Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer, Nvidia
Ganji, Anirudh 2021-05-03 M. Shahzad Network Performance Analysis of IoT, Cloud and Mobile Systems Software Engineer, Microsoft
Guo, Zhen 2021-04-29 M. Singh Understanding Interaction and Persuasion in Online Argumentative Discussions Data Scientist, eBay
Farhana, Effat 2021-04-28 C. Lynch Science Reading Behavior of Middle School Students within a Digital Literacy Platform Postdoc, Vanderbilt University
Dong, Yihuan 2021-04-16 T. Barnes Promoting and Studying Teacher Engagement and Novice Student Behavior in Block-based Programming Environments Software Engineer, IXL Learning
Udechukwu, Robinson 2021-04-09 R. Dutta Toward Realizing a Choice-based Co-Optimizable Networking Paradigm Software and Automation Developer, NetApp
Brown, Chris 2021-04-06 C. Parnin Digital Nudges for Encouraging Developer Behavior Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
Milliken, Alexandra 2021-03-31 T. Barnes Redesigning How Teachers Learn, Teach, and Assess Computing with Block-Based Languages in their Classroom User Experience Researcher,
Gitinabard, Niki 2021-03-26 C. Lynch Understanding Student Habits in Blended Courses: An integration of student activities on different platforms to support students better. Chief Scientist, Allobee
Chen, Quan 2021-01-14 A. Kapravelos Privacy Implications of Emerging Web Technologies OS Security Engineer, Apple
Mealin, Sean 2020-12-07 D. Roberts Objective Evaluation of Young Guide Dogs to Predict Training Success Software Engineer, SAS
Khoshnevisan, Farzanen 2020-11-23 M. Chi A Variational Recurrent Adversarial Multi-Source Domain Adaptation Framework for Septic Shock Early Prediction across Medical Systems Senior Data Scientist, Intuit
Ju, Song 2020-11-20 M. Chi A Critical Reinforcement Learning Framework for Human-Machine Mixed Initiative Decisionmaking Facebook
Maniktala, Mehak 2020-10-30 T. Barnes Applying Machine Learning and User Experience Design to Solve the Assistance Dilemma in a Logic Tutor Artificial Intelligence Research Lab Associate, HP
Lytle, Nicholas 2020-10-29 T. Barnes Strategies for Designing, Scaffolding, and Leading Open-Ended Programming Projects within Core K-12 Classrooms Postdoc, University of Florida
Joshi, Harshvardhan 2020-10-26 R. Durra On Using Graph Structures in Network Communications for Peer-to-Peer Botnet Detection Research Scientist, NC State Aerial Experimentation and Research Platform for Advanced Wireless
Cleghern, Zachary 2020-10-20 D. Roberts Who’s a Good Dog? Fusing Multimodal Environmental & Behavioral Data from IoT Sensors, Analytics, and Machine Learning to Characterize, Predict, & Improve Guide Dog Outcomes Senior Data Scientist, Mosaic Data Science
Tsan, Jennifer 2020-10-12 C. Lynch; K. Boyer Developing Adaptive Support for Collaborative Problem Solving Between Upper-Elementary Computer Science Learners Post-doc, University of Chicago
Chen, Zexi 2020-06-24 R. Vatsavai Towards Semi-supervised Video Action Recognition Software Engineer, Google
Jiang, Jiaming 2020-06-03 J. Doyle Reflective Attribute-based Access Control Lecturer, UC Davis
Ning, Lin 2020-05-18 X. Shen Deep Reuse for Deep Learning Software Engineer, Google
Shuai, Yang 2020-05-05 X. Shen Redundancy-Reduced Algorithm Design for Machine Learning Research Scientist (Machine Learning), Meta
Cody, Christa 2020-04-28 T. Barnes Applied Analytics and Machine Learning to Improve and Inform Adaptive Assistance in a Tutoring System Analytical Training Consultant, SAS
Yu, Zhe 2020-04-17 T. Menzies Total Recall and Software Engineering Tenure-track assistant professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Zhou, Guojing 2020-04-15 M. Chi Improving Student Learning Through Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Induced Pedagogical Policies Research Associate, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado Boulder
Goodrich, Timothy 2020-03-26 M. Stallmann Practical Graph Algorithms with Applications in Near-Term Quantum Computing Backend Software Engineer, Pendo
Xue, Linting 2020-03-26 C. Lynch Incorporating Task-specific Features into End-to-End Models to Extract Argument Structures from Natural Language Corpora Software Engineer (NLP Research), Google
Smith, Andy 2020-03-24 J. Lester Automated Assessment and Predictive Student Modeling for Drawing in Science Education with Deep Learning Research scholar at Center for Educational Informatics at NCSU
Gorski, Sigmund Albert 2020-01-31 W. Enck Semi-Automated Evaluation of Access Control Enforcement in the Android Platform Associate Mobile Application Security Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton
Wang, Tao 2019-12-20 G. Jin; F. Mueller Compiler-based Auto-tuning and Synchronization Validation for HPC Applications Post doc, Stanford University
Ramachandra, Bharathkumar 2019-11-22 R. Vatsavai Anomaly Detection in Videos Computer Vision Scientist,
Dong, Liang 2019-11-06 M. Chi; T. Wu 2D Human Pose Estimation by Integrating Convolutional Neural Networks and Structural Information Software Engineer, Google
van der Poel, Andrew 2019-10-21 B. Sullivan Algorithmic Approaches for Graphs Near Structural Classes Lecturer, Northeastern University
Krishna Prasad, Rahul 2019-10-07 T. Menzies Learning Actionable Analytics in Software Engineering Postdoc, Columbia University
Hampapur Venkatnarayan, Raghav 2019-08-26 M. Shahzad Using Ambient Signal Modalities for Ubiquitous Sensing Research Scientist, SafePass
Qi, Yuepeng 2019-08-23 M. Sichitiu Performance Analysis and Modeling of a Cooperative Amplify-and-forward Relay Approach for MIMO WLANs Software Engineer, NetApp
Villanes Arellano, Andrea 2019-08-14 C. Healey; M. Rappa Epidemiological Disease Surveillance Using Public Media Text Mining Assistant Teaching Professor, NC State
Dai, Ting 2019-07-23 H. Gu A Hybrid Approach to Cloud System Performance Bug Detection, Diagnosis and Fix Research Staff Member, IBM
Akram, Bita 2019-07-18 J. Lester; E. Wiebe Assessment of Students' Computer Science Focal Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in Game-Based Learning Environments Assistant Teaching Professor, NC State
Padia, Kalpesh 2019-07-12 C. Healey Storyline Visualization Techniques for Linear, Non-linear, and Diegetic Narratives Software Engineer 3, eBay
Meredith, Jay Russell 2019-07-03 R. Dutta; D. Reeves Increasing Network Resilience to Persistent OSPFv2 Attacks through Automated Network Recovery Department of Defense
Smith, Justin 2019-06-27 E. Murphy-Hill; K. Stolee Understanding How Software Developers Resolve Security Vulnerabilities with Static Analysis Assistant Professor, Lafayette College
Sheshadri, Karthik 2019-06-26 M. Singh Toward a Unified Model of News Influence on Public Interest and Legislation Data Scientist, LexisNexis
Ford Robinson, Denae 2019-06-17 C. Parnin Identity-Based Signals and E-Mentorship to Support Engagement in Online Programming Communities Researcher, Microsoft Research
Rahman, Akond 2019-06-13 L. Williams Anti-patterns in Infrastructure as Code Tenure-track faculty, Tennessee Tech University
Andow, Benjamin 2019-06-11 W. Enck Privacy Risks of Sensitive User Data Exposure in Mobile Ecosystems Supplemental Research Staff Member, IBM Research
Das, Anwesha 2019-06-07 F. Mueller Predicting Location and Time of Anomalies in Large-Scale Computing Systems via Log Mining Post-doc, Stanford University
Zhi, Rui 2019-06-06 T. Barnes; T. Price Design and Evaluation of Instructional Supports for Novice Programming Environments Research Scientist, Facebook
Hu, Zhewei 2019-05-23 E. Gehringer Helping Students Make Better Contributions to Open-Source Software Projects Site Reliability Engineer, Pinterest
Nie, Shaoliang 2019-05-22 C. Healey Visualizing Deep Neural Networks in the Text Domain Research Scientist, Facebook
Chen, Jianfeng 2019-05-09 T. Menzies On the Value of Sampling and Pruning for Search-Based Software Engineering Research Scientist, Facebook NYC
Agrawal, Amritanshu 2019-05-08 T. Menzies On the Nature of Software Engineering Data (Implications of e-Dominance in Software Engineering) Data Scientist, Wayfair
Cardona-Rivera, Rogelio 2019-04-03 D. Roberts; M. Young A Model of Interactive Narrative Affordances Assist. Professor, University of Utah
Cassell, Kara Bradley 2019-03-22 D. Roberts; M. Young Dynamic Generation of Narrative Discourse that Communicates Character Decision Making Game Developer, 3C Institute
O'Connor, TJ 2019-03-20 W. Enck Network Access Control through Host and Application Analysis Tenure Track Faculty Position, College of Computer Sciences and Cybersecurity, Florida Institute of Technology
Gao, Lingnan 2019-03-19 G. Rouskas Resource Allocation in Virtual Network Environments Research Scientist, Facebook
Zhang, Yuan 2019-01-25 M. Chi Every Moment Counts: Deep Variability Reasoning in EHR Data Data Scientist, Apple
Loftin, Robert 2019-01-17 D. Roberts Extracting Latent Knowledge to Reduce Teacher Effort in Interactive Machine Learning Post-Doctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK
Chen, Zeyuan 2019-01-04 C. Healey High Resolution and Fast Face Completion with Multiple Controllable Attributes via Progressively Attentive Generative Adversarial Networks Research Engineer, Salesforce
Chaudhary, Mandar 2018-12-14 N. Samatova Methods for Learning and Predicting Causal Relationships from Observational Data Data Scientist at a start up firm, Infinia ML, in Durham, NC
Nair, Vivek 2018-12-14 T. Menzies Frugal Ways to Find Good Configurations Research Scientist, Facebook
Ajmeri, Nirav 2018-12-07 M. Singh Engineering Multiagent Systems for Ethics and Privacy-Aware Social Computing Post-Doctoral Scholar, NC State University
Hsu, Shiou Tian 2018-12-05 N. Samatova Rationale-based Neural Networks for Justifiable Relation Extraction Research Scientist, Facebook
Yang, Ruixin 2018-11-30 N. Samatova Algorithms for Data-Driven Business Intelligence with Applications to Revenue Optimization and Financial Forecasting Data Scientist, Durham Veterans Administration Health Care System
Shen, Shitian 2018-11-26 M. Chi Improving Learning and Reducing Time: A Constrained Action-based Reinforcement Learning Approach Data Scientist position in a company in Raleigh
Eger, Markus 2018-11-05 C. Martens Intentional Agents for Doxastic Games Invited Professor, University of Costa Rica
Dominguez, Ignacio 2018-11-01 D. Roberts Influencing Behavior Unobtrusively in Virtual Gaming Environments Assistant Teaching Professor, NC State University
Wang, Pengcheng 2018-10-29 J. Lester Deep Reinforcement Learning for Interactive Narrative Planning Data Scientist, Microsoft
Peddycord-Liu, Zhongxiu 2018-10-11 T. Barnes Game Learning Analytics and Qualitative Methods for Actionable Change in a Curriculum-integrated Educational Math Game Data Scientist, SAS
Amos-Binks, Adam 2018-09-10 D. Roberts; M. Young Intention Revision of Plan-Based Agents for Interactive Narrative Senior Artificial Intelligence Researcher, ARA
Gholkar, Neha 2018-08-07 F. Mueller On the Management of Power Constraints for High Performance Systems CPU Architect, Intel Corporation
Deshotels, Luke 2018-08-02 W. Enck Automated Evaluation of Access Control in the iPhone Operating System Senior Research Engineer, Samsung
Hsu, Chin-Jung 2018-08-02 V. Freeh Data-Driven Performance Optimization in the Cloud Amobee
Shashidharan, Ashwin 2018-07-30 R. Vatsavai A High-Performance Geospatial Architecture for Geosimulations Software Developer, ESRI
Zhao, Yue 2018-07-23 X. Shen Lowering Knowledge Barriers for HPC: From Representations to Infrastructures and Acquisitions Research Scientist, Facebook
Theisen, Christopher 2018-06-27 L. Williams Risk-Based Attack Surface Approximation Security Program Manager, Microsoft, Seattle
Yu, Xiao 2018-06-07 G. Jin Understanding and Debugging Complex Software Systems: A Data-Driven Perspective Researcher, Computer Security Department, NEC Laboratories America
Xu, Mingyang 2018-05-15 N. Samatova Probabilistic Models for Aspect-based Opinion Mining NLP Scientist, UnitedHealth Group
Lin, Chen Liana 2018-05-11 M. Chi The Many Faces of Septic Shock: A General Framework for Disease Prediction using Generated Visualizations Research Staff Member, IBM, NY
Fu, Wei 2018-05-09 T. Menzies Simpler Software Analytics: When? When Not? Machine Learning Engineer, Landing.AI
Bushouse, Micah 2018-05-07 D. Reeves Cloud-ready Hypervisor-based Security US Army, Fort Meade, Maryland
Pan, Xing 2018-05-01 F. Mueller Providing DRAM Predictability for Real-Time Systems and Beyond Baidu autonomous driving, China
Barik, Titus 2018-03-29 E. Murphy-Hill Error Messages as Rational Reconstructions Researcher, Microsoft
Price, Thomas 2018-03-22 T. Barnes iSnap: Data-driven Support for Novice Programming informed by Evaluations of Hint Quality and Investigations of Student Help-seeking Behavior Assistant Professor, NCSU Center for Educational Informatics
O'Brien, Michael 2018-03-15 B. Sullivan A Multifaceted Approach to Improving the Practicality of Structural Graph Algorithms Google
Carpenter, Scott 2018-03-13 M. Sichitiu Advancing Connected Vehicle Technologies by Improving Vehicular Channel Model Accuracy and Safety Performance Measures Developer Analytics Engineer, Cisco
Majikes, John 2017-12-13 D. Roberts Computational and Design Techniques for a Semi-Autonomous Computerized Dog-Training System with Timing and Accuracy Performance Comparable to a Professional Dog Trainer Teaching Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ranshous, Stephen 2017-12-07 N. Samatova Scalable Algorithms for Mining Dynamic Graphs and Hypergraphs with Applications to Anomaly Detection Software Engineer, Google
Moon, Changsung 2017-12-05 N. Samatova Predictive Modeling of Complex Graphs as Context and Semantics Preserving Vector Spaces Postdoc, NC State University
Hong, Seokyong 2017-12-01 R. Vatsavai Graph Analytics on Modern Graph Processing Systems Postdoc, NC State University
Zhang, Wenzhao 2017-11-28 N. Samatova A Memory Hierarchy- and Network Topology-Aware Framework for Runtime Data Sharing at Scale Software Engineer, LinkedIn
Catete, Veronica 2017-11-21 T. Barnes A Framework for the Rapid Creation of Quality-Assured Programming Rubrics for New K-12 Computer Science Teachers Research Scientist, NCSU Center of Educational Informatics
Goodwin, Prairie Rose 2017-10-30 R. St. Amant Error Recovery Microstrategies in a Touch Screen Environment IoT Product Developer, SAS
Buffum, Philip 2017-10-30 T. Barnes; K. Boyer Design and Analysis of Virtual Learning Companions for Improving Equitable Collaboration in Game-based Learning
Morrison, Patrick 2017-10-27 L. Williams A Security Practices Evaluation Framework IBM
Hicks, Andrew 2017-08-15 T. Barnes Design Tools and Data-Driven Methods to Facilitate Player Authoring in a Programming Puzzle Game Cognitive Software Developer, IBM Watson
Harenberg, Steven 2017-08-09 N. Samatova Targeted Graph Mining for Efficient User-Relevant Knowledge Discovery Machine Learning Developer, SAS
Argenta, Christopher 2017-08-09 J. Doyle Recognizing Teams and Their Plans: General Plan Recognition in Multi-Agent Domains Decision Systems Group Leader, Applied Research Associates (ARA)
Kim, HyeongSik 2017-08-09 K. Ogan Semantics-Oriented Optimization Techniques for Large Semantic Network Processing Graph Database Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
Song, Yang 2017-07-11 E. Gehringer Data Sharing in Peer-Assessment Systems for Education
Robertson, Joseph Justus 2017-07-11 M. Young; D. Roberts Perceptual Experience Management Postdoctoral Research Scholar with Dr. Arnav Jhala in the Department of Computer Science, NCSU
Grace, Michael 2017-06-28 W. Enck; X. Jiang Privilege Leakage in Practical Systems Samsung
Bello Lander, Gonzalo 2017-06-07 N. Samatova Multi-objective Graph Mining Algorithms for Detecting and Predicting Communities in Complex Dynamic Networks Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Marrs, Adam 2017-06-01 C. Healey; B. Watson Real-Time GPU Accelerated Multi-View Point-Based Rendering Software Engineer in Gaming Core Technology at NVIDIA
Ding, Yufei 2017-05-23 X. Shen High-Level Program Optimizations for Data Analytics Assistant Professor, University of California at Santa Barbara
Jones, Paul 2017-05-12 N. Samatova Self-Tracking Instrumentation Agents and Analytics to Enable Knowledge Creation and Collaborative Intelligence from Analytical Workflows Research Scholar, Lab for Analytic Sciences (LAS), NCSU
Qian, Tao 2017-05-04 F. Mueller End-to-end Predictability for Distributed Real-Time Systems VMware
Bhat, Shireesh 2017-05-03 G. Rouskas; R. Dutta Network Service Orchestration within the ChoiceNet Architecture
Bahmani, Amir 2017-05-01 F. Mueller Scalable Communication Tracing via Clustering Biomedical Research Engineer, Stanford University, School of Medicine
Johnson, Brittany 2017-05-01 S. Heckman; E. Murphy-Hill A Tool (Mis)communication Theory and Adaptive Approach for Supporting Developer Tool Use Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Ravindran, Srinath 2017-03-29 D. Bahler Learning Rare Patterns with Multilevel Models Yahoo
Nadkarni, Adwait 2017-02-15 W. Enck Towards Practical Data Secrecy in Modern Operating Systems Assistant Professor at the College of William & Mary
McIntee, Shea 2016-11-03 R. St. Amant A Task Model of Free-Space Movement-Based Gestures Software Engineer at Digitalsmiths-Tivo
Chung, Seung Eun 2016-11-02 I. Rhee; M. Vouk Designing Practical Mobile Interaction Interfaces Through Mobile Sensing
ElMessiry, Adel 2016-10-28 M. Singh Natural Language Techniques for Decision Support Based on Patient Complaints CTO at Utilize Health
Chen, Guoyang 2016-10-25 X. Shen Optimizing Data Placement and Threads Management for Heterogeneous Computing Senior Engineer at Qualcomm
Bouterse, Brian 2016-10-19 H. Perros VM Capacity Planning for Software-as-a-Service Environments Associate Head IT, Academic Technology & Research Systems at James B. Hunt Jr. Library
Dellinger, Brian 2016-08-17 J. Doyle Mechanical Equivalents to Hybrid Automata Professor at Grove City College
Chen, Ling 2016-08-16 T. Yu; R. Chirkova Privacy-Preserving Techniques for Multi-Criteria Queries
Bahamon, Julio 2016-08-02 M. Young; D. Roberts A Computational Model for The Portrayal of Personality Traits in Planning-Based Narrative Generation Teaching Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte
Min, Wookhee 2016-07-28 J. Lester Generalized Goal Recognition Framework for Open-World Digital Games Postdoctoral Research Scholar at North Carolina State University
Tang, Houjun 2016-07-21 N. Samatova Dynamic Data Prefetching and Layout Optimizations for High Performance Heterogeneous Data Access Postdoctoral Researcher at Berkeley Lab
Mostafavi, Behrooz 2016-06-28 T. Barnes Improving Individualized Instruction in a Logic Tutor using Data-driven Methods
Sencan, Huseyin 2016-06-23 R. St. Amant; C. Nam (Dis)Similarity-based Classification Of Cross Domain Multivariate Spatiotemporal Systems Using Dynamic Network Structures and Graph Edit Distances Senior Software Engineer at LexisNexis
Riaz, Maria 2016-06-21 L. Williams Inferring Security Requirements from Natural Language Requirements Artifacts Software Engineer at Google
Kim, Donghoon 2016-06-15 M. Vouk Securing Software Application Chains in the Cloud Environments Assistant Professor at Arkansas State University
Mushi, Magreth 2016-06-01 R. Dutta Factoring Human Workflow in Network Reliability Engineering
Kalia, Anup 2016-05-20 M. Singh Understanding The Semantics of Human Communications to Estimate Trust, Hierarchy, and Performance Research Staff Member at IBM Watson Research Center
Gonzalez, Doel 2016-05-18 N. Samatova On the data-driven inference of modulatory relationship networks and quantitative system feedback prediction Point Source, LLC
Zou, Xiaocheng 2016-05-02 N. Samatova Enabling Efficient Scientific Analytics over Extreme-scale Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data through Effective In Situ Indexing
Murukannaiah, Pradeep 2016-03-29 M. Singh Engineering Personal Agents: Toward Personalized, Context-Aware, and Privacy-Preserving Applications Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Rochester Institute of Technology
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Telang, Pankaj 2013-04-15 M. Singh Multiagent Business Modeling IT Architect, Cisco
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Chen, Zhengzhang 2012-05-06 N. Samatova Discovery of Informative and Predictive Patterns in Dynamic Networks of Complex Systems post-doc, Northwestern University
Sarkar, Abhik 2012-05-03 F. Mueller Predictable Task Migration Support and Static Task Partitioning on Scalable Multi-Core Real-Time Systems Intel
Schmidt, Jessica Young 2012-05-03 A. Anton Specifying Requirements Using Commitment, Privilege and Right Analysis Lecturer, Northeastern University
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Wicker, Andrew 2012-03-30 J. Doyle Leveraging Multiple Mechanisms for Information Propagation Mitre Corp.
Liu, Yao 2012-03-13 P. Ning Wireless Physical Layer Security Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
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Azab, Ahmed 2011-12-01 P. Ning New System Security Mechanisms for the Cloud Computing Infrastructure Research Associate, N.C. State University
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Sheng, Xinxin 2011-09-07 D. Thuente Goal-Based Agent Design: Decision Making in General Game Playing IBM
Yavuz, Attila Altay 2011-08-04 P. Ning Efficient, Compromise Resilient and Compact Cryptographic Constructions for Digital Forensics Research Scientist, Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center
Lim, Jun Bum 2011-06-28 M. Sichitiu Performance Evaluation of Multihop Wireless Networks
Du, Juan 2011-05-27 H. Gu; D. Reeves Service Integrity Assurance in Large-Scale Cloud Systems Amazon
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Nagappan, Meiyappan 2011-05-05 M. Vouk A Framework for Analyzing Software System Log Files to Guide Decisions Post-Doc, Queens University
Meneely, Andrew 2011-04-18 L. Williams Investigating the Relationship between Developer Collaboration and Software Security Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Hang, Chung-Wei 2011-04-15 M. Singh Probabilistic Trust Models for Social and Service Networks Post-Doc, N.C. State University
Horton, Thomas 2011-03-31 R. St. Amant A Partial Contour Similarity-based Approach to Visual Affordances in Habile Agents
Anbalagan, Prasanth 2011-03-24 M. Vouk A Study of Security Problem Disclosure, Correction and Patching Processes Member of Technical Staff, NetApp
Bletsch, Tyler 2011-03-18 V. Freeh; X. Jiang Code-Reuse Attacks: New Frontiers and Defenses Reference Architect, NetApp
Heinrich, Stuart 2011-03-03 Wesley Snyder; Jan-Michael Frahm (external co-advisor) Maximum Likelihood Methods for Hierarchical Structure from Motion of Uncalibrated Video
Thomas, James M. 2011-01-05 R. M. Young Automatic Scaffolding of Task-Based Learning in Non-Linear Game Environments Post-Doc, N.C. State University
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Yonghee, Shin 2010-12-09 L. Williams Investigating Complexity Metrics as Indicators of Software Vulnerability Post-Doc, Depaul University
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Ligon, Jeffrey 2010-11-22 M. Vouk; D. Bitzer The Use of Locally Invertible Convolutional Encoders for Encryption Software Engineer, Epocrates
Ha, Eun Young 2010-11-15 J. Lester Modeling Discourse Structure and Temporal Event Relations with Markov Logic Networks Post-Doc, N.C. State University
Bhatia, Amit 2010-11-10 W. Snyder; G. Bilbro Hierarchical Charged Particle Filter for Multiple Target Tracking Research Scientist, Signal Innovations Group
Sollenberger, 2010-11-09 M. Singh Engineering Personal and Social Affective Applications Software Engineer, Google
Hendrix, William 2010-11-05 N. Samatova On Graph Perturbation Theory and Algorithms for Scalable Mining of Noisy and Uncertain Graph Data with Knowledge Priors Post-Doc, Northwestern University
Hsiao, Ping Lin 2010-11-03 C. Healey Visualization of Large Document Collections Research Scientist, UNC Chapel Hill
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Luo, Huan 2010-08-16 K. Harfoush Efficient Traffic Engineering With Close-to-Optimal Performance Research Scientist, N.C. State University
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Wang, Anjing 2010-08-09 R. Dutta The SILO: Architecture: Exploring Future Internet Design Network Engineer, Ericsson
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Park, Young Hee 2010-07-14 D. Reeves Network and Host Based Countermeasures against Large-scale Compromised Systems or Malicious Software Post-Doc, Columbia University
Mouallem, Pierre 2010-07-06 M. Vouk A Fault Tolerance Framework for Kepler-Based Distributed Scientific Workflows Software Engineer, Tekelec
Iyer, Mohan 2010-06-25 G. Rouskas; R. Dutta Providing Bandwidth on Demand Services using Optical Network Design and the SILO Network Architecture Senior Software Engineer, Oracle Systems
Subramanian, Sureshkumar 2010-06-11 R. Dutta Measurements and Analysis of the Performance Characteristics of SIP Proxy Servers Senior Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
Hazard, Christopher 2010-04-23 M. Singh Trust and Reputation in Multiagent Systems: Strategies and Dynamics with Reference to Electronic Commerce Post-Doc, N.C. State University and Founder, Hazardous Software
Hong, Seong Ik 2010-04-05 I. Rhee Human Movement Patterns, Mobility Models and Their Impacts on Wireless Applications Member of Research Staff, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Cox, David 2010-02-26 A. Tharp Finding Patterns in DNA Sequences through Visualization with Symbolic Scatter Plots Software Engineer, ABB
Lv, Qian 2010-01-29 G. Rouskas Economic Models for Tiered Network Services Engineer, Sierra Wireless
Liu, Ning 2009-12-14 W. Stewart Spectral Clustering for Graphs and Markov Chains Investment System Developer, China Investment Corporation
Awekar, Amit 2009-12-01 N. Samatova Fast, Incremental, and Scalable All Pairs Similarity Search Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati (India)
Shin, Kyuyong 2009-11-03 D. Reeves Preventing Misbehavior in Cooperatively-Managed Distributed Systems Assistant Professor, Korean Military Academy (Korea)
Zhang, Zhe 2009-11-02 X. Ma Adding Coordination to the Management of High-End Storage Systems Member of Research Staff, IBM T.J. Watson Research Lab
Won, Hyung Suk 2009-10-30 I. Rhee Multicast in Wireless Networks Samsung Electronics
Ha, Sangtae 2009-10-30 I. Rhee Improving TPC Congestion Control for High Bandwidth and Long Distance Networks Post-Doc, Princeton University
Bonto-Kane, Maria 2009-09-14 R. St. Amant Statistical Modeling of Human Response Times for Task Modeling in HCI Department of Defense
Chandrachud, Manik 2009-09-02 R. Chirkova View-Based Rewriting Algorithms for Conjunctive Queries with Arithmetic Comparisons
Lim, Min Yeol 2009-08-14 V. Freeh Improving Power and Performance Efficiency in Parallel and Distributed Computering Systems Post-Doc, Rennaisance Computing Institute
Williams, Lloyd 2009-07-24 R. St. Amant Dynamic Ontology Driven Learning and Control of Robotic Tool Using Behavior Member of Technical Staff, RTI International
Breimyer, Paul 2009-06-30 N. Samatova A Transparent Collaborative Framework for Efficient Data Analysis and Knowledge Annotation on the Web Staff Scientist, MIT Lincoln Labs
Wang, Chao 2009-06-29 F. Mueller Transparent Fault Tolerance for Job Healing in HPC Environments Member of Techical Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bae, Byung Chull 2009-06-26 R. M. Young A Computational Model of Narrative Generation for Surprise Arousal Samsung Research
Kormilitsen, Maxim 2009-06-24 R. Chirkova Algorithms for Selecting Views and Indexes to Answer Queries Software Engineer, Amazon
Jang, Beakcheol 2009-05-26 M. Sichitiu Wireless MAC Protocol Design and Analysis Product Manager, LG Electronics (Korea)
Heckman, Sarah 2009-05-11 L. Williams A Systematic Model Building Process for Predicting Actionable Static Analysis Alerts Teaching Assistant Professor, N.C. State University
Agarwal, Avesh 2009-05-06 W. Wang Performance Evaluation and Protection Management for Wireless Networks Member of Technical Staff, Red Hat
Gegick, Michael 2009-05-01 L. Williams Predicting Attack Prone Components with Source Code Static Analyzers Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
Niehaus, James 2009-04-20 R. M. Young Cognitive Models of Discourse Comprehension for Narrative Generation Member of Technical Staff, Charles River Research
Chopra, Pankaj 2009-04-09 D. Bitzer; S. Heber Data Mining Techniques to Enable Large-scale Exploratory Analysis of Heterogeneous Scientific Data Post-Doc, Columbia University
Mu, Wei 2009-04-08 R. St. Amant A Schematic Representation for Cognitive Tool-Using Agents Microsoft
Lin, Heshan 2009-03-13 X. Ma High Performance Parallel and Distributed Genomic Sequence Search Senior Research Associate, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Breaux, Travis 2009-02-02 A. Anton Legal Requirements Acquisition for the Specification of Legally Compliant Information Systems Assistant Professor, Carnegie-Mellon University
Li, Jiangtian 2008-12-12 X. Ma Towards Transparent Parallel Processing on Multi-core Computers Software Engineer, Microsoft
Layman, Lucas 2008-12-09 L. Williams; R. St. Amant Information Needs of Developers for Program Comprehension during Software Maintenance Tasks Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, U. Maryland
Jhala, Arnav 2008-12-08 R. M. Young Cinematic Visual Discourse Generation Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Wang, Yonghong 2008-12-05 M. Singh Trust Management in Distributed Agent Systems Post-Doc, Carnegie-Mellon University
Acharya, Mithun 2008-12-02 T. Xie Mining API Specifications from Source Code for Improving Software Reliability Research Scientist, ABB Corporate Research
McQuiggan, Scott 2008-11-21 J. Lester An Inductive Framework for Affect Recognition and Expression in Interactive Learning Environments SAS Institute
Kil, Chongkyung 2008-11-04 P. Ning Mechanisms for Protection Software Integrity in Networked Systems ROK Army
Chopra, Amit 2008-11-03 M. Singh Commitment Alignment: Semantics, Patterns, and Decision Procedures for Distributed Computing Post-Doc, U. Trento (Italy)
Chen, Dongfeng 2008-09-04 R. Chirkova Information Integration: The Semantic-Model Approach Software Engineer, Microsoft
Ho, Chih-Wei 2008-08-15 L. Williams Performance Requirements Improvement with an Evolutionary Model Performance Engineer, EMC
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Irwin, Kevin 2008-08-12 T. Yu A System for Managing User Obligations Assistant Professor, Winston-Salem State University
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Mohan, Sibin 2008-08-04 F. Mueller Exploiting Hardware/Software Interactions for Analyzing Embedded Systems Post-Doc, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ramaprasad, Harini 2008-07-17 F. Mueller Analytically Bounding Data Cache Behavior for Real-Time Systems Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
Zhang, Yi 2008-05-27 S.P. Iyer Improving Software Comprehension in Regulating Safety-Critical Systems Post-Doc, Oak Ridge Institute for Sciences and Education
Zhang, Qinghua 2008-05-14 D. Reeves Polymorphic and Metamorphic Malware Detection Google
Warrier, Ajit 2008-05-06 I. Rhee DiffQ - Differential Backlog Congestion Control for Wireless Multi-hop Networks Silvus Technologies
Castillo, Claris 2008-04-28 G. Rouskas; K. Harfoush On the Design of Efficient Resource Allocation Mechanisms for Grids Member of Research Staff, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Udupi, Yathiraj Bhat 2008-03-20 M. Singh Modeling Service Engagements in Dynamic Organizations: Multiagent Model and Architecture for Policy-Based Governance Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
Zhang, Qing (OR) 2008-03-19 T. Yu, M. Singh Microdata Privacy Protection Software Engineer, Teradata Corp.
Sawant, Amit 2007-12-21 C. Healey Perceptual Display Hierarchies for Visualization Visualization Analyst, Netapp
Bilgin, Ahmet 2007-12-12 M. Singh; R. Chirkova Deriving Efficient SQL Sequences Via Prefetching Amazon
Tian, Wenhong 2007-12-05 H. Perros Analytical Models and Efficient Dimensioning Algorithms for Communication Systems In Randomly Changing Traffic Environments Assistant Professor, University of Electronics and Science Technology of China (PRC)
Desai, Nirmit 2007-11-26 M. Singh Inter-Organizational Business Processes: Modeling, Analysis, and Evolution Member of Research Staff, IBM Research (India)
Kim, Sangmin 2007-10-29 D. Harfoush Internet Topology: Illusion and Reality SAS Institute
Han, Tae Sik 2007-08-21 J. Kang; R. Chirkova Efficient Subsequence Matching With LCS
Sherriff, Mark 2007-08-10 L. Williams Analyzing Software Artifacts through Singular Value Decomposition to Guide Development Decisions Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
Xiong, Kaiqi 2007-08-01 H. Perros Resource Optimization and Security in Distributed Computing Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Mountrouidou, Polyxeni 2007-07-26 H. Perros Bimodal Scheduling for OBS Networks and Characterization of Burst Aggregation Algorithms Post-Doc, William and Mary College
Zheng, Jiang 2007-07-16 L. Williams In Regression Testing without Code Software Architect, ABB Corporate Research
Marathe, Jaydeep 2007-05-31 F. Mueller Trace Based Performance Characterization and Optimization nVidia
Cheong, Yun Gyung 2007-04-30 M. Young A Computational Model of Narrative Generation for Suspense Assistant Professor, IT University (Denmark)
Cepeda, Luis 2007-04-10 R. Rodman, D. McAllister, D. Bitzer(advisors co-chairs) P. Arroway Semi-Automatic Forensic Speaker Identification Intel
Wang, Chih-Chiang 2007-03-30 K. Harfoush Managing Heterogeneity in Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems Assistant Professor, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (Taiwan)
Zhai, Yan 2006-12-18 P. Ning Integrating Multiple Information Resource to Analysis Intrusion Alerts Universal Service Administrative Company
Dennis, Brent 2006-12-18 C. Healey Integrating Preference Elicitation into Visualizations Member of Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Labs
Tateosian, Laura 2006-12-15 C. Healey Investigating Aesthetic Visualization Institute for Next Generation IT Systems
Kocherlakota, Sarat 2006-12-13 C. Healey Interactive Visual Summarization for Visualizing Large, Multidimensional Datasets Assistant Research Professor, N.C. State University
Martin, Michael 2006-11-10 R. Chirkova Real-time OLAP with Multidimensional Dynamic Clustering Director of Data Warehousing Technology, GlaxoSmithKline
Huang, Shu 2006-08-30 R. Dutta Network Optimization: With Applications in Optical and Wireless Networks Renaissance Computing Institute
Peng, Pai 2006-08-16 P. Ning Techniques for Attack Attribution through Stepping Stones Opsware, Inc.
Cheng, Zhengang 2006-08-10 M. Singh; M. Vouk Verifying Commitment Based Business Protocols and Their Compositions: Model Checking using Promela and SPIN SimpliCTI
Sun, Kun 2006-07-07 P. Ning; C. Wang Trustworthy and Resilient Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks Research Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Park, Sanjoon 2006-06-23 I. Rhee Performance Analysis of Data Aggregation Schemes for the Wireless Sensor Networks Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Korea)
Jetley, Raoul 2006-06-07 P. Iyer A Conformance Review Strategy for Regulating Safety-Critical Software Research Engineer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Xu, Dingbang 2006-05-04 P. Ning Correlation Analysis of Intrusion Alerts Assistant Professor, Governors State University
Yuill, James 2006-05-02 A. Anton; M. Vouk Defensive Computer-Security Deception Operations: Processes, Principles and Techniques Visiting Assistant Professor, N.C. State University
Bell, Kera 2006-03-29 M. Vouk Optimizing Effectiveness and Efficiency of Software Testing: A Hybrid Approach Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University
Mott, Bradford 2006-03-28 J. Lester Decision-Theoretic Narrative Planning for Guided Discovery Learning Environments Research Assistant Professor, N.C. State University
Taylor, Jamie Lee 2006-02-10 D. Bitzer; R. Rodman; D.McAllister Using Phase Characteristics of Speech to Distinguish /m/ and /n/ SAS Institute