PhD Graduates Directory Listing

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Student Name Defense Date Advisor Dissertation First Position
Haque, Abida 2023-03-21 A. Scafuro New Approaches for Threshold and Traceable Ring Signatures
Shabrina, Preya 2023-03-06 T. Barnes Exploring Strategy Learning and Data-driven Subgoal Interventions to Aid Current and Future Problem Solving
Cheng, Kelvin 2023-03-06 C. Healey Towards Robust, Generalizable, and Explainable Stereo Matching for Autonomous Driving Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, Rivian
Kumar, Aman 2023-02-02 B. Starly; C. Lynch; R. Shirwaiker Information Extraction and Knowledge Graph Development for Manufacturing Science Domain using Natural Language Processing
Bastin, Kornelia 2023-01-23 C. Healey Summarizing and Visualizing NASCAR Driver-Pit Crew Communication for Post-Race Analysis VP, Lead Data Scientist - AI & Analytics Accelerator, Truist
Wang, Emma 2023-01-23 T. Price Automated, Personalized Examples to Support Creative, Open-Ended Programming
Mallick, Shailaja 2022-12-14 C. Healey; D. Eun Spread of Opinion in a Social Network: Targeted Advertising in Social Networks & Visualizing Product Feature Effects
Mahdavi Hezaveh, Rezvan 2022-12-06 L. Williams A Comprehensive Model of Software Configuration Software Engineer, Google
Gardner, Kirk 2022-11-03 D. Sheehy Verified Topological Data Analysis and a Theory of Sub-barcodes
Potts, Colin 2022-10-31 A. Jhala Interactive Data Analysis for Experts: Tools, Techniques, and Assessments
Christie, Samuel 2022-10-27 M. Singh Information-based Decentralized Systems
Brockelsby, William 2022-10-21 R. Dutta Hybrid SDN Campus Architectures for Agility and Enhanced Cybersecurity Chief Network Architect, Duke University & Duke University Health System
Ao, Jing 2022-10-19 R. Chirkova Temporal Knowledge Graphs: Integrations, Querying, and Analytics Data Scientist, Microsoft
Nan, Zifan 2022-10-14 X. Shen Code Synthesis Based on Natural Language Understanding
Li, Bolun 2022-09-26 X. Liu Identifying Performance Inefficiencies via Object-centric Profiling for Java Programs Running on JVM and Android Runtime Research Scientist, Meta
Sohn, Hyunwoo 2022-08-16 M. Chi Temporal-RIDA (Robust and Informative Data Augmentation) for Disease Progression Modeling Research Scientist, Amazon
Card, Alexander 2022-08-03 C. Martens Scaffolding Player-Experience-Centered Game Design for Novice Programmers Teaching Assistant Professor, NCSU
Xu, Yiqiao 2022-06-29 C. Lynch Analyzing and Scaffolding Semi-structured MOOC Forums to Support Social Learning and Help-Seeking Data Scientist, MetLife
Gaweda, Adam 2022-06-28 C. Lynch Encouraging Student Practice using Nudge Theory Recommendations during Study and Struggle Teaching Assistant Professor, NCSU
Bai, Gina 2022-06-15 K. Stolee Improving Student Testing Practices through a Lightweight Checklist Intervention Assistant Professor of the Practice, Vanderbilt University
Presler-Marshall, Kai 2022-06-14 K. Stolee; S. Heckman Supporting Computer Science Education Through Automation and Surveys Lecturer, Bowdoin University
Tran, Kenneth 2022-06-10 H. Krim Deep Structural Learning for Fusion in Remote Sensing Applications Research Scientist, Meta
Shrestha, Nischal 2022-06-02 C. Parnin Supporting Just-In-Time Learning for Data Science Programming Data Science Educator, RStudio
Horton, Eric 2022-05-20 C. Parnin Automatic Inference of Computing Environments Senior Software Engineer, Github
Zhang, Guoqiang 2022-05-03 X. Shen Cross-Boundary Optimization of Data Analytics Programs Research Scientist, Meta
Yang, Xi 2022-05-02 M. Chi Time-aware Hierarchical EM Energy-based Subsequence Learning for Inducing Offline Decision-making Policies with Heterogeneous Rewards
Kim, Yeo Jin 2022-04-27 M. Chi Time-aware Deep Reinforcement Learning with Multi-Temporal Abstraction Research Scientist, CEI, NCSU
Chakraborty, Joymallya 2022-03-24 T.Menzies Title: Deciphering ML Software Fairness Applied Scientist II, Amazon
Khetawat, Harsh 2022-03-02 F. Mueller Managing Extreme Heterogeneity in Next Generation HPC Systems Member of Technical Staff, Nutanix
Harsh, Khetawat 2022-03-02 F. Mueller Managing Extreme Heterogeneity in Next Generation HPC Systems Member of Technical Staff, Nutanix
Henderson, Nathan 2022-02-23 J. Lester Deep Learning-Based Multimodal Affect Detection for Adaptive Learning Environments AI Research Scientist, Radiance Technologies
Narayanaswamy Chandrasekaran, Shrikanth 2021-12-10 T. Menzies Taming Confusions in Software Engineering Senior Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
Xia, Tianpei 2021-12-08 T. Menzies Assessing the Health Status of Open-Source Software Project Software Engineer, NewsBreak
Kim, Tae Hyun 2021-12-08 D. Reeves Advanced Authentication and Authorization Protocol for IoT Networks
Tu, Huy 2021-12-06 T. Menzies Reducing Effort of Labelling Software Engineering Data with Semi-supervised Learning Machine Learning Engineer, Meta
Shu, Rui 2021-12-03 T.Menzies On the Value of Hyperparameter Optimization in Security Software/Machine Learning Engineer, Seel
Mathew, George 2021-12-01 K.Stolee Cross-language code similarity and applications in clone detection and code search Research Scientist, Meta
Emerson, Andrew 2021-11-30 J. Lester Multimodal Learning Analytics for Predictive Student Modeling in Game-Based Learning Machine Learning Engineer, ETS
Behroozi, Mahnaz 2021-11-16 C. Parnin Toward Non-discriminatory Technical Interviews in Software Engineering Data Scientist, IBM
Marwan, Samiha 2021-10-29 T. Price Investigating Best Practices in the Design of Automated Hints and Formative Feedback to Improve Students' Programming Outcomes Computing Innovation Fellow, UVA
Christensen, Johanne 2021-08-13 B. Watson Richly Communicative Systems for Machine Learning Training
Mao, Ye 2021-08-12 M. Chi Temporal Skill Discovery For Modeling Student Learning Progression Across STEM Domains Machine Learning Developer, SAS
Akintunde, Ruth 2021-08-12 T. Barnes Learning Analytics for Data-Informed Interventions in Blended Classrooms Machine Learning Developer, SAS
Patil, Onkar 2021-06-29 F. Mueller Assessing the Performance of and Devising Optimization Strategies for Heterogeneous Memory under HPC Workloads Research Scientist, IBM Research Almaden
Wang, Peipei 2021-06-17 K. Stolee Analyses of Regular Expression Usage in Software Development Software Engineer/Researcher in Infrastructure System Lab at Bytedance
He, Jingzhu 2021-06-08 H. Gu Automatically Fixing Performance Bugs and Extracting Bug Signatures for Cloud Systems Assistant Professor at ShanghaiTech University
Guo, Hui 2021-05-11 M. Singh Informative Events and Stories in Text Related to Software Development Machine Learning Engineer, Quora
Jueckstock, Jordan 2021-05-07 A. Kapravelos Enhancing the Security and Privacy of the Web Browser Platform via Improved Web Measurement Methodology Computer Science faculty, Bob Jones University
Sanz Ausin, Markel 2021-05-03 M. Chi A Transfer Learning Framework for Human-Centric Deep Reinforcement Learning with Reward Engineering Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer, Nvidia
Ganji, Anirudh 2021-05-03 M. Shahzad Network Performance Analysis of IoT, Cloud and Mobile Systems Software Engineer, Microsoft
Guo, Zhen 2021-04-29 M. Singh Understanding Interaction and Persuasion in Online Argumentative Discussions Data Scientist, eBay
Farhana, Effat 2021-04-28 C. Lynch Science Reading Behavior of Middle School Students within a Digital Literacy Platform Postdoc, Vanderbilt University
Dong, Yihuan 2021-04-16 T. Barnes Promoting and Studying Teacher Engagement and Novice Student Behavior in Block-based Programming Environments Software Engineer, IXL Learning
Udechukwu, Robinson 2021-04-09 R. Dutta Toward Realizing a Choice-based Co-Optimizable Networking Paradigm Software and Automation Developer, NetApp
Brown, Chris 2021-04-06 C. Parnin Digital Nudges for Encouraging Developer Behavior Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
Milliken, Alexandra 2021-03-31 T. Barnes Redesigning How Teachers Learn, Teach, and Assess Computing with Block-Based Languages in their Classroom User Experience Researcher,
Gitinabard, Niki 2021-03-26 C. Lynch Understanding Student Habits in Blended Courses: An integration of student activities on different platforms to support students better. Chief Scientist, Allobee
Chen, Quan 2021-01-14 A. Kapravelos Privacy Implications of Emerging Web Technologies OS Security Engineer, Apple
Mealin, Sean 2020-12-07 D. Roberts Objective Evaluation of Young Guide Dogs to Predict Training Success Software Engineer, SAS
Khoshnevisan, Farzanen 2020-11-23 M. Chi A Variational Recurrent Adversarial Multi-Source Domain Adaptation Framework for Septic Shock Early Prediction across Medical Systems Senior Data Scientist, Intuit
Ju, Song 2020-11-20 M. Chi A Critical Reinforcement Learning Framework for Human-Machine Mixed Initiative Decisionmaking Facebook
Maniktala, Mehak 2020-10-30 T. Barnes Applying Machine Learning and User Experience Design to Solve the Assistance Dilemma in a Logic Tutor Artificial Intelligence Research Lab Associate, HP
Lytle, Nicholas 2020-10-29 T. Barnes Strategies for Designing, Scaffolding, and Leading Open-Ended Programming Projects within Core K-12 Classrooms Postdoc, University of Florida
Joshi, Harshvardhan 2020-10-26 R. Durra On Using Graph Structures in Network Communications for Peer-to-Peer Botnet Detection Research Scientist, NC State Aerial Experimentation and Research Platform for Advanced Wireless
Cleghern, Zachary 2020-10-20 D. Roberts Who’s a Good Dog? Fusing Multimodal Environmental & Behavioral Data from IoT Sensors, Analytics, and Machine Learning to Characterize, Predict, & Improve Guide Dog Outcomes Senior Data Scientist, Mosaic Data Science
Tsan, Jennifer 2020-10-12 C. Lynch; K. Boyer Developing Adaptive Support for Collaborative Problem Solving Between Upper-Elementary Computer Science Learners Post-doc, University of Chicago
Chen, Zexi 2020-06-24 R. Vatsavai Towards Semi-supervised Video Action Recognition Software Engineer, Google
Jiang, Jiaming 2020-06-03 J. Doyle Reflective Attribute-based Access Control Lecturer, UC Davis
Ning, Lin 2020-05-18 X. Shen Deep Reuse for Deep Learning Software Engineer, Google
Shuai, Yang 2020-05-05 X. Shen Redundancy-Reduced Algorithm Design for Machine Learning Research Scientist (Machine Learning), Meta
Cody, Christa 2020-04-28 T. Barnes Applied Analytics and Machine Learning to Improve and Inform Adaptive Assistance in a Tutoring System Analytical Training Consultant, SAS
Yu, Zhe 2020-04-17 T. Menzies Total Recall and Software Engineering Tenure-track assistant professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Zhou, Guojing 2020-04-15 M. Chi Improving Student Learning Through Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Induced Pedagogical Policies Research Associate, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado Boulder
Goodrich, Timothy 2020-03-26 M. Stallmann Practical Graph Algorithms with Applications in Near-Term Quantum Computing Backend Software Engineer, Pendo
Xue, Linting 2020-03-26 C. Lynch Incorporating Task-specific Features into End-to-End Models to Extract Argument Structures from Natural Language Corpora Software Engineer (NLP Research), Google
Smith, Andy 2020-03-24 J. Lester Automated Assessment and Predictive Student Modeling for Drawing in Science Education with Deep Learning Research scholar at Center for Educational Informatics at NCSU
Gorski, Sigmund Albert 2020-01-31 W. Enck Semi-Automated Evaluation of Access Control Enforcement in the Android Platform Associate Mobile Application Security Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton
Wang, Tao 2019-12-20 G. Jin; F. Mueller Compiler-based Auto-tuning and Synchronization Validation for HPC Applications Post doc, Stanford University
Ramachandra, Bharathkumar 2019-11-22 R. Vatsavai Anomaly Detection in Videos Computer Vision Scientist,
Dong, Liang 2019-11-06 M. Chi; T. Wu 2D Human Pose Estimation by Integrating Convolutional Neural Networks and Structural Information Software Engineer, Google
van der Poel, Andrew 2019-10-21 B. Sullivan Algorithmic Approaches for Graphs Near Structural Classes Lecturer, Northeastern University
Krishna Prasad, Rahul 2019-10-07 T. Menzies Learning Actionable Analytics in Software Engineering Postdoc, Columbia University
Hampapur Venkatnarayan, Raghav 2019-08-26 M. Shahzad Using Ambient Signal Modalities for Ubiquitous Sensing Research Scientist, SafePass
Qi, Yuepeng 2019-08-23 M. Sichitiu Performance Analysis and Modeling of a Cooperative Amplify-and-forward Relay Approach for MIMO WLANs Software Engineer, NetApp
Villanes Arellano, Andrea 2019-08-14 C. Healey; M. Rappa Epidemiological Disease Surveillance Using Public Media Text Mining Assistant Teaching Professor, NC State
Dai, Ting 2019-07-23 H. Gu A Hybrid Approach to Cloud System Performance Bug Detection, Diagnosis and Fix Research Staff Member, IBM
Akram, Bita 2019-07-18 J. Lester; E. Wiebe Assessment of Students' Computer Science Focal Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in Game-Based Learning Environments Assistant Teaching Professor, NC State
Padia, Kalpesh 2019-07-12 C. Healey Storyline Visualization Techniques for Linear, Non-linear, and Diegetic Narratives Software Engineer 3, eBay
Meredith, Jay Russell 2019-07-03 R. Dutta; D. Reeves Increasing Network Resilience to Persistent OSPFv2 Attacks through Automated Network Recovery Department of Defense
Smith, Justin 2019-06-27 E. Murphy-Hill; K. Stolee Understanding How Software Developers Resolve Security Vulnerabilities with Static Analysis Assistant Professor, Lafayette College
Sheshadri, Karthik 2019-06-26 M. Singh Toward a Unified Model of News Influence on Public Interest and Legislation Data Scientist, LexisNexis
Ford Robinson, Denae 2019-06-17 C. Parnin Identity-Based Signals and E-Mentorship to Support Engagement in Online Programming Communities Researcher, Microsoft Research
Rahman, Akond 2019-06-13 L. Williams Anti-patterns in Infrastructure as Code Tenure-track faculty, Tennessee Tech University
Andow, Benjamin 2019-06-11 W. Enck Privacy Risks of Sensitive User Data Exposure in Mobile Ecosystems Supplemental Research Staff Member, IBM Research
Das, Anwesha 2019-06-07 F. Mueller Predicting Location and Time of Anomalies in Large-Scale Computing Systems via Log Mining Post-doc, Stanford University
Zhi, Rui 2019-06-06 T. Barnes; T. Price Design and Evaluation of Instructional Supports for Novice Programming Environments Research Scientist, Facebook
Hu, Zhewei 2019-05-23 E. Gehringer Helping Students Make Better Contributions to Open-Source Software Projects Site Reliability Engineer, Pinterest
Nie, Shaoliang 2019-05-22 C. Healey Visualizing Deep Neural Networks in the Text Domain Research Scientist, Facebook
Chen, Jianfeng 2019-05-09 T. Menzies On the Value of Sampling and Pruning for Search-Based Software Engineering Research Scientist, Facebook NYC
Agrawal, Amritanshu 2019-05-08 T. Menzies On the Nature of Software Engineering Data (Implications of e-Dominance in Software Engineering) Data Scientist, Wayfair
Cardona-Rivera, Rogelio 2019-04-03 D. Roberts; M. Young A Model of Interactive Narrative Affordances Assist. Professor, University of Utah
Cassell, Kara Bradley 2019-03-22 D. Roberts; M. Young Dynamic Generation of Narrative Discourse that Communicates Character Decision Making Game Developer, 3C Institute
O'Connor, TJ 2019-03-20 W. Enck Network Access Control through Host and Application Analysis Tenure Track Faculty Position, College of Computer Sciences and Cybersecurity, Florida Institute of Technology
Gao, Lingnan 2019-03-19 G. Rouskas Resource Allocation in Virtual Network Environments Research Scientist, Facebook
Zhang, Yuan 2019-01-25 M. Chi Every Moment Counts: Deep Variability Reasoning in EHR Data Data Scientist, Apple
Loftin, Robert 2019-01-17 D. Roberts Extracting Latent Knowledge to Reduce Teacher Effort in Interactive Machine Learning Post-Doctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK
Chen, Zeyuan 2019-01-04 C. Healey High Resolution and Fast Face Completion with Multiple Controllable Attributes via Progressively Attentive Generative Adversarial Networks Research Engineer, Salesforce
Chaudhary, Mandar 2018-12-14 N. Samatova Methods for Learning and Predicting Causal Relationships from Observational Data Data Scientist at a start up firm, Infinia ML, in Durham, NC
Nair, Vivek 2018-12-14 T. Menzies Frugal Ways to Find Good Configurations Research Scientist, Facebook
Ajmeri, Nirav 2018-12-07 M. Singh Engineering Multiagent Systems for Ethics and Privacy-Aware Social Computing Post-Doctoral Scholar, NC State University
Hsu, Shiou Tian 2018-12-05 N. Samatova Rationale-based Neural Networks for Justifiable Relation Extraction Research Scientist, Facebook
Yang, Ruixin 2018-11-30 N. Samatova Algorithms for Data-Driven Business Intelligence with Applications to Revenue Optimization and Financial Forecasting Data Scientist, Durham Veterans Administration Health Care System
Shen, Shitian 2018-11-26 M. Chi Improving Learning and Reducing Time: A Constrained Action-based Reinforcement Learning Approach Data Scientist position in a company in Raleigh
Eger, Markus 2018-11-05 C. Martens Intentional Agents for Doxastic Games Invited Professor, University of Costa Rica
Dominguez, Ignacio 2018-11-01 D. Roberts Influencing Behavior Unobtrusively in Virtual Gaming Environments Assistant Teaching Professor, NC State University
Wang, Pengcheng 2018-10-29 J. Lester Deep Reinforcement Learning for Interactive Narrative Planning Data Scientist, Microsoft
Peddycord-Liu, Zhongxiu 2018-10-11 T. Barnes Game Learning Analytics and Qualitative Methods for Actionable Change in a Curriculum-integrated Educational Math Game Data Scientist, SAS
Amos-Binks, Adam 2018-09-10 D. Roberts; M. Young Intention Revision of Plan-Based Agents for Interactive Narrative Senior Artificial Intelligence Researcher, ARA
Gholkar, Neha 2018-08-07 F. Mueller On the Management of Power Constraints for High Performance Systems CPU Architect, Intel Corporation
Deshotels, Luke 2018-08-02 W. Enck Automated Evaluation of Access Control in the iPhone Operating System Senior Research Engineer, Samsung
Hsu, Chin-Jung 2018-08-02 V. Freeh Data-Driven Performance Optimization in the Cloud Amobee
Shashidharan, Ashwin 2018-07-30 R. Vatsavai A High-Performance Geospatial Architecture for Geosimulations Software Developer, ESRI
Zhao, Yue 2018-07-23 X. Shen Lowering Knowledge Barriers for HPC: From Representations to Infrastructures and Acquisitions Research Scientist, Facebook
Theisen, Christopher 2018-06-27 L. Williams Risk-Based Attack Surface Approximation Security Program Manager, Microsoft, Seattle
Yu, Xiao 2018-06-07 G. Jin Understanding and Debugging Complex Software Systems: A Data-Driven Perspective Researcher, Computer Security Department, NEC Laboratories America
Xu, Mingyang 2018-05-15 N. Samatova Probabilistic Models for Aspect-based Opinion Mining NLP Scientist, UnitedHealth Group
Lin, Chen Liana 2018-05-11 M. Chi The Many Faces of Septic Shock: A General Framework for Disease Prediction using Generated Visualizations Research Staff Member, IBM, NY
Fu, Wei 2018-05-09 T. Menzies Simpler Software Analytics: When? When Not? Machine Learning Engineer, Landing.AI
Bushouse, Micah 2018-05-07 D. Reeves Cloud-ready Hypervisor-based Security US Army, Fort Meade, Maryland
Pan, Xing 2018-05-01 F. Mueller Providing DRAM Predictability for Real-Time Systems and Beyond Baidu autonomous driving, China
Barik, Titus 2018-03-29 E. Murphy-Hill Error Messages as Rational Reconstructions Researcher, Microsoft
Price, Thomas 2018-03-22 T. Barnes iSnap: Data-driven Support for Novice Programming informed by Evaluations of Hint Quality and Investigations of Student Help-seeking Behavior Assistant Professor, NCSU Center for Educational Informatics
O'Brien, Michael 2018-03-15 B. Sullivan A Multifaceted Approach to Improving the Practicality of Structural Graph Algorithms Google
Carpenter, Scott 2018-03-13 M. Sichitiu Advancing Connected Vehicle Technologies by Improving Vehicular Channel Model Accuracy and Safety Performance Measures Developer Analytics Engineer, Cisco
Majikes, John 2017-12-13 D. Roberts Computational and Design Techniques for a Semi-Autonomous Computerized Dog-Training System with Timing and Accuracy Performance Comparable to a Professional Dog Trainer Teaching Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ranshous, Stephen 2017-12-07 N. Samatova Scalable Algorithms for Mining Dynamic Graphs and Hypergraphs with Applications to Anomaly Detection Software Engineer, Google
Moon, Changsung 2017-12-05 N. Samatova Predictive Modeling of Complex Graphs as Context and Semantics Preserving Vector Spaces Postdoc, NC State University
Hong, Seokyong 2017-12-01 R. Vatsavai Graph Analytics on Modern Graph Processing Systems Postdoc, NC State University
Zhang, Wenzhao 2017-11-28 N. Samatova A Memory Hierarchy- and Network Topology-Aware Framework for Runtime Data Sharing at Scale Software Engineer, LinkedIn
Catete, Veronica 2017-11-21 T. Barnes A Framework for the Rapid Creation of Quality-Assured Programming Rubrics for New K-12 Computer Science Teachers Research Scientist, NCSU Center of Educational Informatics
Goodwin, Prairie Rose 2017-10-30 R. St. Amant Error Recovery Microstrategies in a Touch Screen Environment IoT Product Developer, SAS
Buffum, Philip 2017-10-30 T. Barnes; K. Boyer Design and Analysis of Virtual Learning Companions for Improving Equitable Collaboration in Game-based Learning
Morrison, Patrick 2017-10-27 L. Williams A Security Practices Evaluation Framework IBM
Hicks, Andrew 2017-08-15 T. Barnes Design Tools and Data-Driven Methods to Facilitate Player Authoring in a Programming Puzzle Game Cognitive Software Developer, IBM Watson
Harenberg, Steven 2017-08-09 N. Samatova Targeted Graph Mining for Efficient User-Relevant Knowledge Discovery Machine Learning Developer, SAS
Argenta, Christopher 2017-08-09 J. Doyle Recognizing Teams and Their Plans: General Plan Recognition in Multi-Agent Domains Decision Systems Group Leader, Applied Research Associates (ARA)
Kim, HyeongSik 2017-08-09 K. Ogan Semantics-Oriented Optimization Techniques for Large Semantic Network Processing Graph Database Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
Song, Yang 2017-07-11 E. Gehringer Data Sharing in Peer-Assessment Systems for Education
Robertson, Joseph Justus 2017-07-11 M. Young; D. Roberts Perceptual Experience Management Postdoctoral Research Scholar with Dr. Arnav Jhala in the Department of Computer Science, NCSU
Grace, Michael 2017-06-28 W. Enck; X. Jiang Privilege Leakage in Practical Systems Samsung
Bello Lander, Gonzalo 2017-06-07 N. Samatova Multi-objective Graph Mining Algorithms for Detecting and Predicting Communities in Complex Dynamic Networks Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Marrs, Adam 2017-06-01 C. Healey; B. Watson Real-Time GPU Accelerated Multi-View Point-Based Rendering Software Engineer in Gaming Core Technology at NVIDIA
Ding, Yufei 2017-05-23 X. Shen High-Level Program Optimizations for Data Analytics Assistant Professor, University of California at Santa Barbara
Jones, Paul 2017-05-12 N. Samatova Self-Tracking Instrumentation Agents and Analytics to Enable Knowledge Creation and Collaborative Intelligence from Analytical Workflows Research Scholar, Lab for Analytic Sciences (LAS), NCSU
Qian, Tao 2017-05-04 F. Mueller End-to-end Predictability for Distributed Real-Time Systems VMware
Bhat, Shireesh 2017-05-03 G. Rouskas; R. Dutta Network Service Orchestration within the ChoiceNet Architecture
Bahmani, Amir 2017-05-01 F. Mueller Scalable Communication Tracing via Clustering Biomedical Research Engineer, Stanford University, School of Medicine
Johnson, Brittany 2017-05-01 S. Heckman; E. Murphy-Hill A Tool (Mis)communication Theory and Adaptive Approach for Supporting Developer Tool Use Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Ravindran, Srinath 2017-03-29 D. Bahler Learning Rare Patterns with Multilevel Models Yahoo
Nadkarni, Adwait 2017-02-15 W. Enck Towards Practical Data Secrecy in Modern Operating Systems Assistant Professor at the College of William & Mary
McIntee, Shea 2016-11-03 R. St. Amant A Task Model of Free-Space Movement-Based Gestures Software Engineer at Digitalsmiths-Tivo
Chung, Seung Eun 2016-11-02 I. Rhee; M. Vouk Designing Practical Mobile Interaction Interfaces Through Mobile Sensing
ElMessiry, Adel 2016-10-28 M. Singh Natural Language Techniques for Decision Support Based on Patient Complaints CTO at Utilize Health
Chen, Guoyang 2016-10-25 X. Shen Optimizing Data Placement and Threads Management for Heterogeneous Computing Senior Engineer at Qualcomm
Bouterse, Brian 2016-10-19 H. Perros VM Capacity Planning for Software-as-a-Service Environments Associate Head IT, Academic Technology & Research Systems at James B. Hunt Jr. Library
Dellinger, Brian 2016-08-17 J. Doyle Mechanical Equivalents to Hybrid Automata Professor at Grove City College
Chen, Ling 2016-08-16 T. Yu; R. Chirkova Privacy-Preserving Techniques for Multi-Criteria Queries
Bahamon, Julio 2016-08-02 M. Young; D. Roberts A Computational Model for The Portrayal of Personality Traits in Planning-Based Narrative Generation Teaching Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte
Min, Wookhee 2016-07-28 J. Lester Generalized Goal Recognition Framework for Open-World Digital Games Postdoctoral Research Scholar at North Carolina State University
Tang, Houjun 2016-07-21 N. Samatova Dynamic Data Prefetching and Layout Optimizations for High Performance Heterogeneous Data Access Postdoctoral Researcher at Berkeley Lab
Mostafavi, Behrooz 2016-06-28 T. Barnes Improving Individualized Instruction in a Logic Tutor using Data-driven Methods
Sencan, Huseyin 2016-06-23 R. St. Amant; C. Nam (Dis)Similarity-based Classification Of Cross Domain Multivariate Spatiotemporal Systems Using Dynamic Network Structures and Graph Edit Distances Senior Software Engineer at LexisNexis
Riaz, Maria 2016-06-21 L. Williams Inferring Security Requirements from Natural Language Requirements Artifacts Software Engineer at Google
Kim, Donghoon 2016-06-15 M. Vouk Securing Software Application Chains in the Cloud Environments Assistant Professor at Arkansas State University
Mushi, Magreth 2016-06-01 R. Dutta Factoring Human Workflow in Network Reliability Engineering
Kalia, Anup 2016-05-20 M. Singh Understanding The Semantics of Human Communications to Estimate Trust, Hierarchy, and Performance Research Staff Member at IBM Watson Research Center
Gonzalez, Doel 2016-05-18 N. Samatova On the data-driven inference of modulatory relationship networks and quantitative system feedback prediction Point Source, LLC
Zou, Xiaocheng 2016-05-02 N. Samatova Enabling Efficient Scientific Analytics over Extreme-scale Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data through Effective In Situ Indexing
Murukannaiah, Pradeep 2016-03-29 M. Singh Engineering Personal Agents: Toward Personalized, Context-Aware, and Privacy-Preserving Applications Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Rochester Institute of Technology
Rezaei, Arash 2016-03-24 F. Mueller Fault Resilience for Next Generation HPC systems Samsung Research America
Leeman-Munk, Samuel 2016-03-23 J. Lester Morphosyntactic Neural Analysis for Generalized Lexical Normalization SAS Institute
Yuan, Guangchao 2016-03-22 M. Singh Exploiting Content Information and Homophily Principle for Investigating User Interactions in Social Media Applied Scientist, Microsoft Bing Local
Wang, Ruowen 2016-03-22 W. Enck; P. Ning Automatic Generation, Refinement and Analysis of Security Policies Software Engineer, Samsung Research America
Krishnamurthy, Ramesh 2016-01-11 G. Rouskas A Framework for Evaluating Server Performance: Application to SIP Proxy Servers
Yu, Xianqing 2016-01-05 M. Vouk Enhancing Resilience to Compromise in a Public Cloud IBM
Boyuka, David 2016-01-04 N. Samatova The Hyperdyadic Tree Index and a Generalized Parallel, In Situ Indexing Methodology for Extreme-scale Scientific Data Software Developer, Pendo, Inc.
King, Jason 2015-12-03 L. Williams Measuring the Forensic-ability of User Activity Logs Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, NCSU
Liu, Yang 2015-12-01 X. Ma; F. Mueller Server-side Log Data Analytics for I/O Workload Characterization and Coordination on Large Shared Storage Systems
Elliott, James 2015-10-15 F. Mueller Resilient Iterative Linear Solvers Running Through Errors Post-Doc
Eagle, Michael 2015-09-17 T. Barnes Data-Driven Methods for Deriving Insight from Educational Problem Solving Environments Post-Doc, Carnegie Mellon University
Shen, Wenbo 2015-09-16 P. Ning, H. Dai Physical Layer Signal Design and Control For Wireless Security Samsung Research America
Jorgensen, Zachary 2015-09-14 D. Reeves; T. Yu Practical Private Data Analysis with Differential Privacy Boeing Research & Technology
Pooamani, Nithyananthan 2015-08-18 I. Rhee Enabling Accurate and Energy-Efficient Context-Aware Systems for Smart Objects using Cellular Signals Samsung
KC, Kamal 2015-08-04 V. Freeh Performance tuning of MapReduce programs Senior Software Engineer, Teradata
Tanwir, Savera 2015-07-31 H. Perros Analysis and modeling of variable bitrate video traffic Research Statistician Developer, SAS
Cusick, Mark 2015-07-27 M. Rappa Human Generated Topics: A Gold Standard for Automated Topic Evaluation Research Scientist, Amazon
Dean, Daniel 2015-06-30 X. Gu Unsupervised Performance Anomaly Management for Production Cloud Environments Research Staff, IBM Watson Health Cloud
Ezen Can, Aysu 2015-06-19 K. Boyer Unsupervised Dialogue Act Modeling for Tutorial Dialogue Systems IBM
Fiala, David 2015-06-17 F. Mueller Transparent Resilience Across the Entire Software Stack for High-Performance Computing Applications Privacy & Security, Google, Inc.
Pandita, Rahul 2015-06-15 L. Williams Inferring Semantic information from Natural Language Software Artifacts Post-Doc Researcher, NCSU
Choo, Euijin 2015-05-29 M. Chi, T. Yu Information Assurance in Electronic Commerce Market Visiting Assistant Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Zhou, Yajin 2015-05-13 X. Jiang Android Malware: Detection, Characterization, and Mitigation Senior Researcher, Qihoo 360
Wu, Lei 2015-05-12 X. Jiang Vulnerability Detection and Mitigation in Commodity Android Devices Qihoo 360 Technology Company, Ltd.
Wu, Chiachih 2015-05-11 X. Jiang Virtualization-Based Approaches for Mitigation of Malware Threats Senior Security Researcher
Slankas, John 2015-03-24 L. Williams Implementing Database Access Control Policy from Unconstrained Natural Language Text
Gionta, Jason 2015-03-20 W. Enck; P. Ning Prevention and Detection of Memory Compromise DoD
Lee, Hee Won 2015-01-05 D. Thuente; M. Sichitiu Network Emulation with Adaptive Time Dilation Researcher, AT&T Labs
Hao, Lihua 2014-12-17 C. Healey Octree and Clustering Based Hierarchical Ensemble Visualization
Ge, Xi 2014-12-04 E. Murphy-Hill Improving Tool Support for Software Developers through Refactoring Detection
Grafsgaard, Joseph 2014-11-03 J. Lester; K. Boyer Multimodal Affect Modeling in Task-Oriented Tutorial Dialogue
Zhang, Zhe 2014-11-03 M. Singh Text Mining for Sentiment Analysis Software Engineer, IBM Watson Solutions
Bae, Juhee 2014-10-23 B. Watson A Framework for Communicating Visual Structure using Gestalt Principles
Hong, Kyung Wha 2014-08-12 R. St. Amant; E. Murphy-Hill Improving Interface Usability through Model Transformation using Interaction Design Models UX Researcher, Samsung Electronics in Korea
Boyce, Acey 2014-08-12 T. Barnes Deep Gamification: Combining Game-based and Play-based Methods
Ravindra, Padmashree 2014-08-08 K. Ogan Optimizing RDF Analytical Queries on MapReduce
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Oh, Young Hyun 2014-05-15 D. Thuente Channel Detecting Jamming Attacks on Rendezvous Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Networks IBM
Song, Yoonki 2014-05-14 E. Murphy-Hill More Usable Recommendation Systems for Improving Software Quality Samsung
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Hwang, JeeHyun 2014-03-14 L. Williams Improving the Quality of Security Policies Software Developer, SAS
Baikadi, Alok 2013-12-11 J. Lester Discovery-based Goal Recognition in Interactive Narrative Environments Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh
Jenkins, Jonathan 2013-11-06 N. Samatova End-to-end Noncontiguous Access Pattern Optimization for Extreme-scale Scientific Data Analytics Postdoctoral Appointee, Argonne
Wang, Yaogong 2013-11-04 I. Rhee Caching, Routing and Congestion Control in a Future Information-Centric Internet Software Engineer, Google
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Sabourin, Jennifer 2013-09-30 J. Lester Stealth Assessment of Self-Regulated Learning in Game-Based Learning Environments Research Scientist & Software Developer, SAS
Ji, Feng 2013-08-12 X. Ma Runtime Support Toward Transparent Memory Access in GPU-accelerated Heterogeneous Systems Software Engineer, VMware
Yoon, Sungro 2013-08-09 I. Rhee Innovating the Capability of Mobile System using Radio Technology Virtualization Group, Microsoft
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Gong, Zhenhuan 2013-07-10 N. Samatova Multi-level Data Layout Optimization for Heterogeneous Access Patterns Software Engineer, Twitter
Wei, Wei 2013-06-12 T. Yu Practical Integrity Assurance for Big Data Processing Deployed over Open Cloud Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
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Fu, Haizhou 2013-05-23 K. Anyanwu Efficient, Effective and Scalable Personalized Keyword Query Interpretation System for RDF Databases
McClusky, Douglas 2013-05-06 R. Fornaro A Dynamic Utility-Based Energy Manager for Wireless Sensor Networks
Wang, Hui 2013-04-30 G. Rouskas; R. Dutta Efficient Decomposition Techniques for Traffic Grooming Problems in Optical Networks Modeling Engineer, Quantcast
Shen, Entong 2013-04-18 T. Yu Privacy-preserving and Usable Data Publishing and Analysis Software Developer, Pivotal
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Telang, Pankaj 2013-04-15 M. Singh Multiagent Business Modeling IT Architect, Cisco
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Zimmer, Christopher 2012-12-11 F. Mueller Bringing Efficiency and Predictability to Massive Multi-core NoC Architectures Cisco Systems
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Ma, Xuezhou 2012-10-30 K. Harfoush Towards an Optimized Internet Backbone Network
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Smith, Benjamin 2012-05-25 L. Williams Empirically Developing a Security Test Pattern Catalog using a Grounded Theory Approach ETI Solutions Developer, IBM
Lee, Seung 2012-05-14 J. Lester Modeling Director Agents' Decision-Making Strategies in Guided Discovery Learning Environments SAS Institute
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Chen, Zhengzhang 2012-05-06 N. Samatova Discovery of Informative and Predictive Patterns in Dynamic Networks of Complex Systems post-doc, Northwestern University
Sarkar, Abhik 2012-05-03 F. Mueller Predictable Task Migration Support and Static Task Partitioning on Scalable Multi-Core Real-Time Systems Intel
Schmidt, Jessica Young 2012-05-03 A. Anton Specifying Requirements Using Commitment, Privilege and Right Analysis Lecturer, Northeastern University
Anjum, Bushra 2012-04-16 H. Perros Bandwidth Allocation Under End-to-End Percentile Delay Bounds Assistant Professor, Lahore University of Management Sciences (Pakistan)
Wicker, Andrew 2012-03-30 J. Doyle Leveraging Multiple Mechanisms for Information Propagation Mitre Corp.
Liu, Yao 2012-03-13 P. Ning Wireless Physical Layer Security Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
Wright, David 2011-12-01 T. Honeycutt Principles, Patterns, and Process: A Framework for Learning to Make Software Design Decisions Research Associate, N.C. State University
Azab, Ahmed 2011-12-01 P. Ning New System Security Mechanisms for the Cloud Computing Infrastructure Research Associate, N.C. State University
Geleji, Geza 2011-11-04 H. Perros On Multi-Domain QoS Routing and Rate Jitter Analysis IBM (UK)
Hyun, Sang Won 2011-10-14 P. Ning Secure and Reliable Code Dissemination for Wireless Sensor Networks
Sheng, Xinxin 2011-09-07 D. Thuente Goal-Based Agent Design: Decision Making in General Game Playing IBM
Yavuz, Attila Altay 2011-08-04 P. Ning Efficient, Compromise Resilient and Compact Cryptographic Constructions for Digital Forensics Research Scientist, Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center
Lim, Jun Bum 2011-06-28 M. Sichitiu Performance Evaluation of Multihop Wireless Networks
Du, Juan 2011-05-27 H. Gu; D. Reeves Service Integrity Assurance in Large-Scale Cloud Systems Amazon
Pansombut, Tatdow 2011-05-06 N. Samatova; D. Bahler Advanced Learning Techniques for Improved Inference of Bayesian Belief Networks from Uncertain and High-dimensional Data Assistant Professor, Prince of Songkia University (Thailand)
Nagappan, Meiyappan 2011-05-05 M. Vouk A Framework for Analyzing Software System Log Files to Guide Decisions Post-Doc, Queens University
Meneely, Andrew 2011-04-18 L. Williams Investigating the Relationship between Developer Collaboration and Software Security Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Hang, Chung-Wei 2011-04-15 M. Singh Probabilistic Trust Models for Social and Service Networks Post-Doc, N.C. State University
Horton, Thomas 2011-03-31 R. St. Amant A Partial Contour Similarity-based Approach to Visual Affordances in Habile Agents
Anbalagan, Prasanth 2011-03-24 M. Vouk A Study of Security Problem Disclosure, Correction and Patching Processes Member of Technical Staff, NetApp
Bletsch, Tyler 2011-03-18 V. Freeh; X. Jiang Code-Reuse Attacks: New Frontiers and Defenses Reference Architect, NetApp
Heinrich, Stuart 2011-03-03 Wesley Snyder; Jan-Michael Frahm (external co-advisor) Maximum Likelihood Methods for Hierarchical Structure from Motion of Uncalibrated Video
Thomas, James M. 2011-01-05 R. M. Young Automatic Scaffolding of Task-Based Learning in Non-Linear Game Environments Post-Doc, N.C. State University
Schmidt, Matthew 2010-12-10 N. Samatova; A. Melechko Scalable Graph Mining Techniques with Applications to System Biology Member of Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Labs
Yonghee, Shin 2010-12-09 L. Williams Investigating Complexity Metrics as Indicators of Software Vulnerability Post-Doc, Depaul University
Thummalapenta, Suresh 2010-11-23 T. Xie Improving Software Productivity and Quality Via Mining Source Code Research Staff Member, IBM Research (India)
Ligon, Jeffrey 2010-11-22 M. Vouk; D. Bitzer The Use of Locally Invertible Convolutional Encoders for Encryption Software Engineer, Epocrates
Ha, Eun Young 2010-11-15 J. Lester Modeling Discourse Structure and Temporal Event Relations with Markov Logic Networks Post-Doc, N.C. State University
Bhatia, Amit 2010-11-10 W. Snyder; G. Bilbro Hierarchical Charged Particle Filter for Multiple Target Tracking Research Scientist, Signal Innovations Group
Sollenberger, 2010-11-09 M. Singh Engineering Personal and Social Affective Applications Software Engineer, Google
Hendrix, William 2010-11-05 N. Samatova On Graph Perturbation Theory and Algorithms for Scalable Mining of Noisy and Uncertain Graph Data with Knowledge Priors Post-Doc, Northwestern University
Hsiao, Ping Lin 2010-11-03 C. Healey Visualization of Large Document Collections Research Scientist, UNC Chapel Hill
Chen, Wenbin 2010-10-22 N. Samatova Complexity Theory and Algorithms for Graph Problems Driven by Comparative Analysis of Large-Scale Biological Networks Assistant Professor, Guangzhou University (China)
Luo, Huan 2010-08-16 K. Harfoush Efficient Traffic Engineering With Close-to-Optimal Performance Research Scientist, N.C. State University
Liu, An 2010-08-09 P. Ning Securing Foundational Services in Wireless Sensor Networks
Wang, Anjing 2010-08-09 R. Dutta The SILO: Architecture: Exploring Future Internet Design Network Engineer, Ericsson
Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth 2010-07-28 J. Lester; M. Vouk Structural and Dialogue Act Modeling in Task-Oriented Tutorial Dialogue Assistant Professor, N.C. State University
Park, Young Hee 2010-07-14 D. Reeves Network and Host Based Countermeasures against Large-scale Compromised Systems or Malicious Software Post-Doc, Columbia University
Mouallem, Pierre 2010-07-06 M. Vouk A Fault Tolerance Framework for Kepler-Based Distributed Scientific Workflows Software Engineer, Tekelec
Iyer, Mohan 2010-06-25 G. Rouskas; R. Dutta Providing Bandwidth on Demand Services using Optical Network Design and the SILO Network Architecture Senior Software Engineer, Oracle Systems
Subramanian, Sureshkumar 2010-06-11 R. Dutta Measurements and Analysis of the Performance Characteristics of SIP Proxy Servers Senior Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
Hazard, Christopher 2010-04-23 M. Singh Trust and Reputation in Multiagent Systems: Strategies and Dynamics with Reference to Electronic Commerce Post-Doc, N.C. State University and Founder, Hazardous Software
Hong, Seong Ik 2010-04-05 I. Rhee Human Movement Patterns, Mobility Models and Their Impacts on Wireless Applications Member of Research Staff, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Cox, David 2010-02-26 A. Tharp Finding Patterns in DNA Sequences through Visualization with Symbolic Scatter Plots Software Engineer, ABB
Lv, Qian 2010-01-29 G. Rouskas Economic Models for Tiered Network Services Engineer, Sierra Wireless
Liu, Ning 2009-12-14 W. Stewart Spectral Clustering for Graphs and Markov Chains Investment System Developer, China Investment Corporation
Awekar, Amit 2009-12-01 N. Samatova Fast, Incremental, and Scalable All Pairs Similarity Search Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati (India)
Shin, Kyuyong 2009-11-03 D. Reeves Preventing Misbehavior in Cooperatively-Managed Distributed Systems Assistant Professor, Korean Military Academy (Korea)
Zhang, Zhe 2009-11-02 X. Ma Adding Coordination to the Management of High-End Storage Systems Member of Research Staff, IBM T.J. Watson Research Lab
Won, Hyung Suk 2009-10-30 I. Rhee Multicast in Wireless Networks Samsung Electronics
Ha, Sangtae 2009-10-30 I. Rhee Improving TPC Congestion Control for High Bandwidth and Long Distance Networks Post-Doc, Princeton University
Bonto-Kane, Maria 2009-09-14 R. St. Amant Statistical Modeling of Human Response Times for Task Modeling in HCI Department of Defense
Chandrachud, Manik 2009-09-02 R. Chirkova View-Based Rewriting Algorithms for Conjunctive Queries with Arithmetic Comparisons
Lim, Min Yeol 2009-08-14 V. Freeh Improving Power and Performance Efficiency in Parallel and Distributed Computering Systems Post-Doc, Rennaisance Computing Institute
Williams, Lloyd 2009-07-24 R. St. Amant Dynamic Ontology Driven Learning and Control of Robotic Tool Using Behavior Member of Technical Staff, RTI International
Breimyer, Paul 2009-06-30 N. Samatova A Transparent Collaborative Framework for Efficient Data Analysis and Knowledge Annotation on the Web Staff Scientist, MIT Lincoln Labs
Wang, Chao 2009-06-29 F. Mueller Transparent Fault Tolerance for Job Healing in HPC Environments Member of Techical Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bae, Byung Chull 2009-06-26 R. M. Young A Computational Model of Narrative Generation for Surprise Arousal Samsung Research
Kormilitsen, Maxim 2009-06-24 R. Chirkova Algorithms for Selecting Views and Indexes to Answer Queries Software Engineer, Amazon
Jang, Beakcheol 2009-05-26 M. Sichitiu Wireless MAC Protocol Design and Analysis Product Manager, LG Electronics (Korea)
Heckman, Sarah 2009-05-11 L. Williams A Systematic Model Building Process for Predicting Actionable Static Analysis Alerts Teaching Assistant Professor, N.C. State University
Agarwal, Avesh 2009-05-06 W. Wang Performance Evaluation and Protection Management for Wireless Networks Member of Technical Staff, Red Hat
Gegick, Michael 2009-05-01 L. Williams Predicting Attack Prone Components with Source Code Static Analyzers Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
Niehaus, James 2009-04-20 R. M. Young Cognitive Models of Discourse Comprehension for Narrative Generation Member of Technical Staff, Charles River Research
Chopra, Pankaj 2009-04-09 D. Bitzer; S. Heber Data Mining Techniques to Enable Large-scale Exploratory Analysis of Heterogeneous Scientific Data Post-Doc, Columbia University
Mu, Wei 2009-04-08 R. St. Amant A Schematic Representation for Cognitive Tool-Using Agents Microsoft
Lin, Heshan 2009-03-13 X. Ma High Performance Parallel and Distributed Genomic Sequence Search Senior Research Associate, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Breaux, Travis 2009-02-02 A. Anton Legal Requirements Acquisition for the Specification of Legally Compliant Information Systems Assistant Professor, Carnegie-Mellon University
Li, Jiangtian 2008-12-12 X. Ma Towards Transparent Parallel Processing on Multi-core Computers Software Engineer, Microsoft
Layman, Lucas 2008-12-09 L. Williams; R. St. Amant Information Needs of Developers for Program Comprehension during Software Maintenance Tasks Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, U. Maryland
Jhala, Arnav 2008-12-08 R. M. Young Cinematic Visual Discourse Generation Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Wang, Yonghong 2008-12-05 M. Singh Trust Management in Distributed Agent Systems Post-Doc, Carnegie-Mellon University
Acharya, Mithun 2008-12-02 T. Xie Mining API Specifications from Source Code for Improving Software Reliability Research Scientist, ABB Corporate Research
McQuiggan, Scott 2008-11-21 J. Lester An Inductive Framework for Affect Recognition and Expression in Interactive Learning Environments SAS Institute
Kil, Chongkyung 2008-11-04 P. Ning Mechanisms for Protection Software Integrity in Networked Systems ROK Army
Chopra, Amit 2008-11-03 M. Singh Commitment Alignment: Semantics, Patterns, and Decision Procedures for Distributed Computing Post-Doc, U. Trento (Italy)
Chen, Dongfeng 2008-09-04 R. Chirkova Information Integration: The Semantic-Model Approach Software Engineer, Microsoft
Ho, Chih-Wei 2008-08-15 L. Williams Performance Requirements Improvement with an Evolutionary Model Performance Engineer, EMC
Gou, Gang 2008-08-13 R. Chirkova Efficient Algorithms for Querying Large-Scale Data in Relational, XML, and Graph-Structured Data Repositories Software Engineer, Microsoft
Irwin, Kevin 2008-08-12 T. Yu A System for Managing User Obligations Assistant Professor, Winston-Salem State University
Lee, Sunyoung 2008-08-07 J. Lester; C. Savage Early Recognition of Student Goals and Affect in Narrative-Centered Learning Environments Member of Research Staff, Korean Institute of Science and Technology
Mohan, Sibin 2008-08-04 F. Mueller Exploiting Hardware/Software Interactions for Analyzing Embedded Systems Post-Doc, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ramaprasad, Harini 2008-07-17 F. Mueller Analytically Bounding Data Cache Behavior for Real-Time Systems Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
Zhang, Yi 2008-05-27 S.P. Iyer Improving Software Comprehension in Regulating Safety-Critical Systems Post-Doc, Oak Ridge Institute for Sciences and Education
Zhang, Qinghua 2008-05-14 D. Reeves Polymorphic and Metamorphic Malware Detection Google
Warrier, Ajit 2008-05-06 I. Rhee DiffQ - Differential Backlog Congestion Control for Wireless Multi-hop Networks Silvus Technologies
Castillo, Claris 2008-04-28 G. Rouskas; K. Harfoush On the Design of Efficient Resource Allocation Mechanisms for Grids Member of Research Staff, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Udupi, Yathiraj Bhat 2008-03-20 M. Singh Modeling Service Engagements in Dynamic Organizations: Multiagent Model and Architecture for Policy-Based Governance Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
Zhang, Qing (OR) 2008-03-19 T. Yu, M. Singh Microdata Privacy Protection Software Engineer, Teradata Corp.
Sawant, Amit 2007-12-21 C. Healey Perceptual Display Hierarchies for Visualization Visualization Analyst, Netapp
Bilgin, Ahmet 2007-12-12 M. Singh; R. Chirkova Deriving Efficient SQL Sequences Via Prefetching Amazon
Tian, Wenhong 2007-12-05 H. Perros Analytical Models and Efficient Dimensioning Algorithms for Communication Systems In Randomly Changing Traffic Environments Assistant Professor, University of Electronics and Science Technology of China (PRC)
Desai, Nirmit 2007-11-26 M. Singh Inter-Organizational Business Processes: Modeling, Analysis, and Evolution Member of Research Staff, IBM Research (India)
Kim, Sangmin 2007-10-29 D. Harfoush Internet Topology: Illusion and Reality SAS Institute
Han, Tae Sik 2007-08-21 J. Kang; R. Chirkova Efficient Subsequence Matching With LCS
Sherriff, Mark 2007-08-10 L. Williams Analyzing Software Artifacts through Singular Value Decomposition to Guide Development Decisions Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
Xiong, Kaiqi 2007-08-01 H. Perros Resource Optimization and Security in Distributed Computing Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Mountrouidou, Polyxeni 2007-07-26 H. Perros Bimodal Scheduling for OBS Networks and Characterization of Burst Aggregation Algorithms Post-Doc, William and Mary College
Zheng, Jiang 2007-07-16 L. Williams In Regression Testing without Code Software Architect, ABB Corporate Research
Marathe, Jaydeep 2007-05-31 F. Mueller Trace Based Performance Characterization and Optimization nVidia
Cheong, Yun Gyung 2007-04-30 M. Young A Computational Model of Narrative Generation for Suspense Assistant Professor, IT University (Denmark)
Cepeda, Luis 2007-04-10 R. Rodman, D. McAllister, D. Bitzer(advisors co-chairs) P. Arroway Semi-Automatic Forensic Speaker Identification Intel
Wang, Chih-Chiang 2007-03-30 K. Harfoush Managing Heterogeneity in Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems Assistant Professor, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (Taiwan)
Zhai, Yan 2006-12-18 P. Ning Integrating Multiple Information Resource to Analysis Intrusion Alerts Universal Service Administrative Company
Dennis, Brent 2006-12-18 C. Healey Integrating Preference Elicitation into Visualizations Member of Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Labs
Tateosian, Laura 2006-12-15 C. Healey Investigating Aesthetic Visualization Institute for Next Generation IT Systems
Kocherlakota, Sarat 2006-12-13 C. Healey Interactive Visual Summarization for Visualizing Large, Multidimensional Datasets Assistant Research Professor, N.C. State University
Martin, Michael 2006-11-10 R. Chirkova Real-time OLAP with Multidimensional Dynamic Clustering Director of Data Warehousing Technology, GlaxoSmithKline
Huang, Shu 2006-08-30 R. Dutta Network Optimization: With Applications in Optical and Wireless Networks Renaissance Computing Institute
Peng, Pai 2006-08-16 P. Ning Techniques for Attack Attribution through Stepping Stones Opsware, Inc.
Cheng, Zhengang 2006-08-10 M. Singh; M. Vouk Verifying Commitment Based Business Protocols and Their Compositions: Model Checking using Promela and SPIN SimpliCTI
Sun, Kun 2006-07-07 P. Ning; C. Wang Trustworthy and Resilient Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks Research Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Park, Sanjoon 2006-06-23 I. Rhee Performance Analysis of Data Aggregation Schemes for the Wireless Sensor Networks Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Korea)
Jetley, Raoul 2006-06-07 P. Iyer A Conformance Review Strategy for Regulating Safety-Critical Software Research Engineer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Xu, Dingbang 2006-05-04 P. Ning Correlation Analysis of Intrusion Alerts Assistant Professor, Governors State University
Yuill, James 2006-05-02 A. Anton; M. Vouk Defensive Computer-Security Deception Operations: Processes, Principles and Techniques Visiting Assistant Professor, N.C. State University
Bell, Kera 2006-03-29 M. Vouk Optimizing Effectiveness and Efficiency of Software Testing: A Hybrid Approach Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University
Mott, Bradford 2006-03-28 J. Lester Decision-Theoretic Narrative Planning for Guided Discovery Learning Environments Research Assistant Professor, N.C. State University
Taylor, Jamie Lee 2006-02-10 D. Bitzer; R. Rodman; D.McAllister Using Phase Characteristics of Speech to Distinguish /m/ and /n/ SAS Institute