CSC 499 - Independent Research in Computer Science

Catalog Description:
Independent investigation of a research problem under the supervision of a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science. The experience must be arranged in advance by the student and approved by the Department of Computer Science prior to enrollment. A minimum of 45 hours must be completed for each credit hour earned. An independent research proposal and final report approved by the faculty mentor and the department are required. Individualized/Independent Research courses require a Course Agreement for Students Enrolled in Non-Standard Courses to be completed by the student and faculty member prior to registration by the department. At most 6 credit hours of CSC 498 and/or CSC 499 may be applied to degree.
Contact Hours: Prerequisites: Varies by project.
Co-requisites: Varies by project.
Restrictions: Varies by project.
Coordinator: Dr. Sarah Heckman
Textbook: None

Course Outcomes:
 Course learning outcomes vary by specific independent research project.

 Topics will vary by project.

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