Lina Battestilli received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from NCSU in August 2005, her masters in Computer Networking in August 2002 also at NCSU and her BS in Electrical Engineering and Minor in Applied Mathematics from Kettering University in 1999.

Prior to joining North Carolina State University, she was a network research engineer at the Next Generation Computing Systems at IBM Research.  She worked on the PowerEN Technology, a blur between general purpose and networking processors and hardware accelerators.  She identifed and studied workloads at the edge of the network that required high-throughput and fast deep-packet processing.  

Her research interests include the transformation of Datacenter networking to support Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking, Openflow, techniques and uses of Deep Packet Processing, scale-out architectures, advanced scheduling of network resources, Control & Management plane design and development.

Dr. Battestilli’s is also interested in innovation in Computer Science Education, especially via the use of Cloud Computing Technology.

Research Areas

  • Cloud Computing
  • Networking and Performance Evaluation


  • Carol Miller Undergraduate Lecturer Award - 2016


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