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June 02, 2017

Menzies, Shen to Use NSF Award for Software Analytics Research

Congratulations to Dr. Timothy Menzies, professor of computer science, and Dr. Xipeng Shen, associate professor of computer science, at NC State University, on being awarded $898,349 by the National Science Foundation to support their research proposal entitled “Scalable Holistic Autotuning for Software Analytics.”


The award will run from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2021. 


Abstract – This research proposes to advance the state of the art to holistic scalable autotuners, which tunes all levels of options for multiple optimization objectives at the same time. It will achieve this ambitious goal through the development of a set of novel techniques that efficiently handles the tremendous tuning space. These techniques take advantage of the synergies between all those options and goals by exploiting relevancy filtering (to quickly dispose of unhelpful options), locality of inference (that enables faster updates to out- dated tunings) and redundancy reduction (that reduces the search space for better tunings).

This new autotuner will be a faster method for finding better tunings that satisfy more goals. To test this claim, this research will assess if this new tool can reduce the total computational resources required for effective SE data analytics by orders of magnitude.


For more information on Dr. Menzies, click here.


For more information on Dr. Shen, click here.



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