Tim Menzies (IEEE Fellow, Ph.D., UNSW, 1995) is a full Professor in CS at North Carolina State University where he teaches software engineering, automated software engineering, and foundations of software science. He is the directory of the RAISE lab (real world AI for SE) and the author of over 280 referred publications. In his career, he has been a lead researcher on projects for NSF, NIJ, DoD, NASA, USDA (funding totalling over 13 million dollars) as well as joint research work with private companies. Prof. Menzies is the editor-in-chief of the Automated Software Engineering journal and associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (and other leading SE journals). For more, see his web site or the text of his successful IEEE Fellow nomination.

Awards Publications
  • H-index: 67 (Oct'22).
  • 108 journal + 137 conference + 86 other
Grad students
  • Ph.D.: 6 current. 18 past.
  • Current Ph.D. Lauren Alverez Xueqi(Sherry) Yang Xiao Ling Kewen Peng Suvodeep Najumder Andre Motta Andre Motta
  • Graduated Ph.D.
    Scott Chen David Owen Ashutosh Nandeshwar Ekrem Kocaguneli Abdel Salem Sayyad Fayola Peters Joe Krall Greg Gay Wei Fu Vivek Nair Amritanshu Agrawal Jianfeng Chen Rahul Krishna Zhe Yu Joymallya Chakraborty Rui Shu Shrikanth Chandrasekaran Tianpei Xia Huy Tu
  • Masters (by research): 32
  • Total= $13.3 million (total). From many sources, e.g.:          
  • editor-in-chief: Automated Software Engineering journal
  • assoc. ed.: TSE, CACM, IEEE Software
  • editorial board: JSS. SQJ
  • advisory board: EMSE
  • prior: assoc. ed. IST, TOSEM, ASEJ, Big Data Research, IET Software
  • co-general chair: ICMSE'16; RAISE'19, PROMISE'05..'12
  • co-PC chair: ASE'12, NEIR'15, SSBSE'17, PROMISE'20
  • artifacts co-chair:ASE'21, ICSE'20, ASE'20, FSE'18, FSE'16
  • program committees: ICSE'23, SANER'23, ICSE'22, IJCAI'22, AAAI'22, ICML'22, MSR'22, ESEM'22, IJCAI'21. AAAI'21, ICSE'21, MSR'21, ASE'20, ICSE'20, ESEM'20, FSE'19, ASE'19, MSR'19, SSBSE, PROMISE,...
  • Roving member, IEEE Technical Council on SE. 2022, 2021
Government work 
  • NASA software research chair: 2002-2004
  • NSF panelist: 13 times (2003-2020)


Research Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents
  • Data Sciences and Analytics
  • Health Care Information Technology
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Software Engineering and Programming Languages


  • Mining Software Repositories Foundational Contribution Award - 2017
  • Carol Miller Graduate Lecturer Award - 2016
  • IBM Faculty Award - 2016, 2017
  • LexisNexis Faculty Award - 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Laboratory for Analytical Science funding - 2017, 2018
  • Software Engineering Institute Research grant - 2016