CSC 116 - Introduction to Computing - Java

Catalog Description:

An introductory course in computing in Java. Emphasis on algorithm development and problem solving. Careful and methodical development of Java applications from specifications; documentation and style; appropriate use of control structures; classes and methods; data types and data abstraction; object-oriented programming and design; software testing. Most seats reserved for Computer Science majors.

Contact Hours: Prerequisites: None
Co-requisites: E115 or COS100 and MA121 or MA131 or MA141
Restrictions: None
Coordinator: Dr. Suzanne Balik

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to…
  • Apply classic problem-solving techniques to simple computational and information-management problems;
  • Evaluate an arithmetic expression using order of operations, promotion from integer to floating-point types, and integer division;  
  • Use a programming language to write code that selects one of several alternatives based on more than one predicate;
  • Use a programming language to write a loop whose exit depends on more than one predicate;      
  • Correct syntax errors and distinguish between them and runtime errors or errors in logic;
  • Find and correct logical programming errors using debugging printout, pencil-and-paper tracing, and systematic search (to locate where an incorrect decision or value first appears);
  • Verify and validate programs using white- and black-box testing;
  • Implement an object-oriented design that has at least two interacting, encapsulated classes;
  • Write and document programs that adhere to specific coding and documentation standards (e.g., javadoc for documentation; conventions regarding the naming of classes and methods, definition of constants, indention, etc.);
  • Use the Java system classes to do text-based input and output;
  • Construct and use arrays with one and two dimensions;
  • Use programming language constructs learned in the course to implement a fully-specified and fully-tested encapsulated system. 


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