Course Outcomes for CSC 200 - Introduction to Computers & Their Uses

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to...

  1. Informally describe basic concepts in software targeted at end users, including distinctions between system software, the user interface, and applications.
  2. Reproduce an abstract, high-level model of a computer system, with components including the CPU, memory, I/O devices and mass storage; describe how the model works in the abstract.
  3. Iterate the types of ways in which distributed and network computing concepts can be seen in everyday computing, including the concepts of local area networks, wide area networks, the Internet, the World Wide Web, and HTML.
  4. Iterate ways that computer and network technology affect society, including privacy, censorship, security of personal information and scams.
  5. Use common productivity applications for basic tasks, including applications for word processing, spread sheets, and browsing the Web.
  6. Informally describe and be able to traverse a hierarchical file system.

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