Course Outcomes for CSC 411 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to...

  1. identify representations and methodologies useful in the development of computer-based systems which exhibit aspects of intelligent behavior;
  2. program simple intelligent agents to operate in simple environments;
  3. identify the utility and limitations of knowledge representation methodologies such as propositional and predicate logic, rule-based systems, and probabilistic systems;
  4. identify the utility and limitations of companion reasoning methods, including resolution, rule pr ocessing, probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, and natural language processing;
  5. distinguish various uninformed and informed search algorithms and identify when each is appropriat e;
  6. read and write simple logic programs using a high-level AI language such as Prolog or Lisp;
  7. design and implement a series of simple intelligent agents of increasing complexity.

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