CSC 484 - Building Game AI

Catalog Description:
In this course we will examine Artificial Intelligence [AI] techniques that are used in the design of computer games. We will look at techniques for game playing as well as the design of AI opponents tasked with creating 'good experiences' for players. The course will begin with a discussion of general AI, common algorithms, data structures, and representations. From there, we will cover topics in character movement, pathfinding, decision making, strategy, tactics, and learning. In a sequence of programming assignments students will create increasingly sophisticated AI implementations. Students will also critically review the projects conducted by graduate students enrolled in CSC584. CSC majors only. Students cannot get credit for both CSC 484 and CSC 584.
Contact Hours: Prerequisites: CSC 316
Co-requisites: None
Restrictions: None
Coordinator: Dr. David Roberts
Textbook: Artificial Intelligence for Games

Course Outcomes:
 By the end of the course, students should be able to accomplish the following:

  1. Evaluate the relative benefits and drawbacks of different artificial intelligence techniques that can be used to solve computer game problems, and identify the appropriateness of particular techniques for particular game problems.
  2. Implement a range of artificial intelligence techniques for traditional and modern computer games, and characterize their performance on a range of tasks.


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