Course Outcomes for CSC 113 - Introduction to Computing - MATLAB

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to...

  1. Apply critical and creative thinking skills in the process of solving problems
  2. Analyze a wide variety of problems with applications to engineering and design algorithms for their solution using a software tool
  3. Create flow diagrams for a given software algorithm
  4. Develop MATLAB programs based on requirements
  5. Document and comment programs in a style permitting the maintaining and altering of the programs by a third party.
  6. Test and debug computer programs and verify that programs correctly implement the algorithms and requirements on which they are based.
  7. Identify the need and use control structures, different data types, strings, and various inputs/outputs in a program.
  8. Create and customize 2D/3D plots and animations based on given input data
  9. Be able to import data from input files and export/save output data to files.
  10. Write/test/execute user-defined functions with multiple and/or variable number of input/output arguments.
  11. Reflect on your own thinking and the thinking of others

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