Course Outcomes for CSC 111 - Introduction to Computing - Python

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to...

  1.  apply computational thinking and problem-solving techniques to problems in civil, construction, and environmental engineering (without reference to any programming language), specifically:
    1. decomposition;
    2. pattern recognition;
    3.  pattern generalization and abstraction; and
    4. algorithm design.
  2. demonstrate the ability to represent data and information relevant to engineering problems using core Python data structures.
  3. Identify and implement fundamental algorithmic control structures such as...
    1. conditional branching and execution;
    2. definite and indefinite repetition;
    3. subroutine/function definition and execution; and
    4. recursion.
  4. identify and debug common errors in Python source code.
  5. design and implement simple interactive programs in Python.
  6. design and implement programs that use file-based persistent data storage.
  7. design and implement programs that perform basic analysis and data visualization to support engineering decision-making.

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