Course Outcomes for CSC 453 - Software for Wireless Sensor Systems

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to...

  1. Articulate common Internet of Things architectures, and provide functional definitions of each of the components in each such architecture,
  2. Identify technology alternatives for each essential component,
  3. Use open-standard networking technology, specifically BSD sockets and Internet routing, to realize the communications needs of an IoT system,
  4. Use open-standard sensor/actuator technologies, specifically I2C, GPIO, and AIN, to realize the sensor data acquisition and configuration needs of an IoT system,
  5. Use the Linux open-source Operating System on CPU-limited single-board computers, such as the BeagleBone Black, to realize the “thing” end of an IoT system,
  6. Use open-source code or develop open-system based code to realize the analytics needs of an IoT system,
  7. Integrate all of the above technologies to realize a complete, if small, IoT system, and demonstrate in a real-world environment.


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