CSC 453 - Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) Systems

Catalog Description:

CSC 453: Introduction to Internet of Things [IoT] Systems is a senior-level CSC restricted undergraduate elective on the concepts, protocols, techniques and design methodology underlying current and emerging networked wireless sensor/actuator systems coming to be known as IoT systems, at the intersection of physical computing, semantics and analytics, wireless communications, and networked distributed systems. Design considerations of such systems include diverse metrics such as delay, stability, privacy, expandability. The course includes [i] descriptive material on basic concepts and techniques appropriate to sensor networks, and analytics and semantics concepts appropriate to IoT systems, and [ii] hands-on work with a sampling of representative sensors and actuators, small format computers, networked application programming, and validation in real physical environments. The course includes a term project with assigned teams and project areas to design and implement a complete small IoT system. Students will be expected to purchase equipment for the course, costing about $70-$130.

Contact Hours: Prerequisites: CSC246 or ECE306 and CSC230 or ECE209 and CSC316 or EC
Co-requisites: None
Restrictions: None
Coordinator: Dr. Rudra Dutta
Textbook: None

Course Outcomes:
After successfully taking this course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the primary characteristics and challenges of typical IoT systems
  2. Identify design challenges of IoT systems
  3. Use appropriate quantitative and software tools for designing Machine Learning systems
  4. Write code to allow programs to inter-communicate data using sockets
  5. Write code to integrate sensors and actuators into small format Linux computers
  6. Design and realize complete small IoT systems capable of functioning in the real world


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