CSC 402 - Networking Lab

Catalog Description:

Through a series of hands-on networking labs, students will gain experience in practical topics such as network configuration, troubleshooting, and static and dynamic routing. The course prepares students sufficiently for an industry certification.

Contact Hours: Prerequisites: CSC401
Co-requisites: None
Restrictions: None
Textbook: None

Course Outcomes:

The objectives of this course are to:
  1. Provide the students with practical, hands-on and detailed experience on standards and products in the network space
  2. Provide the students with an opportunity to develop troubleshooting skills in the network space.
  3. Provide the students with an opportunity to develop (LAN, subnet and network virtualization) design skills.
  4. Prepare the students at a level sufficient for obtaining an industry certification like CCENT/CCNA. You'll have to study additional topics not covered in the lectures on your own.


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