Course Outcomes for CSC 326 - Software Engineering

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to...

  1. write and execute a comprehensive black box test plan, write and execute white box tests, automate both black and white box tests, and conduct a software inspection.
  2. create a design for a small to medium object-oriented program and evaluate the quality of their design through heuristics and metrics.
  3. apply design patterns in creating a small to medium object-oriented program.
  4. create a software requirements document, including security and privacy requirements.
  5. explain the essential components of a software development process and how to devise a software development process appropriate to the project under development.
  6. work in small project teams to complete a medium-sized project.
  7. manage project tasks (a.k.a. project management) including risks associated with a medium sized project.
  8. describe and explain different types of software maintenance.

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