CSC 492 - Senior Design Project

Catalog Description:

Application of software engineering principles and basic computer science to the total development of a software system. Consideration of the software system design process, including requirements and design detail. Development and evaluation of a prototype accomplished through design team activity. Comprehensive written and oral project report is required. Open to CSC majors. Restricted to students with 6 hours of Computer Science Restricted Elective.

Contact Hours: Prerequisites: CSC 326
Co-requisites: None
Restrictions: 6 hours of Computer Science Restricted Elective
Coordinator: Ms. Margaret Heil
Textbook: Senior Design Center Course Pack

Course Outcomes:

The primary objective of this course is to provide seniors in computer science an opportunity to relate classroom topics to the working environment of a computer science professional; they will demonstrate the ability to participate in professional practices related to software engineering. Another objective is that students will be able to communicate effectively about computer science-related topics.The final objective of this course is to provide students with experience in teamwork, by creating an environment in which it is necessary to cooperate with each other to achieve a technical goal.

The outcomes associated with these objective are that, upon completion of CSC 492, students should be able to:
  1. Participate in professional practices related to software engineering; specifically:
    1. Negotiate, clarify, and document customer requirements.
    2. Apply knowledge of fundamental algorithms, programming language concepts, and design patterns to determine an overall design for a software system.
    3. Implement a fully specified system.
    4. Test a fully specified system.
    5. Plan and monitor the progress of software projects to ensure on time delivery of a high-quality system.
  2. Communicate effectively about computer science-related topics; specifically:
    1. Deliver an audience-sensitive oral technical presentation.
    2. Write an audience-sensitive technical document.
  3. Contribute to software-based system development teams toward the achievement of technical goals.

Team Formation & Development
Software Engineering Process From a Team Perspective
Project Management
Team Task Planning
Sponsor & Team Meetings
Writing & Speaking
Consultations on Databases Available on a per Team Basis

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