CSC 461 - Computer Graphics

Catalog Description:

Principles of computer graphics with emphasis on two-dimensional and aspects of three-dimensional raster graphics. Topics include: graphics hardware devices, lines and polygons, clipping lines and polygons to windows, graphical user interface, vectors, projections, transformations, polygon fill. Programming projects in C or C++.

Contact Hours: Prerequisites: MA305 or MA405 and CSC230 or ECE209 and CSC316 or ECE3
Coordinator: Dr. Christopher Healey
Textbook: None

Course Outcomes:

By the end of the course, you should be able to:
  1. Create computer imagery, including interactive computer graphics using APIs such as WebGL and OpenGL, shading languages like GLSL, as well as software (and recently, hardware) graphics methods such as ray tracing.
  2. Evaluate computer imagery. When you look at computer graphics in film and computer games, you should gain an appreciation for the successful use of computer graphics technique such as texturing and lighting, as well as the failures.
  3. Analyze computer imagery. You should be able to recognize the techniques that are used to generate these images, including rasterization, ray tracing, modeling, texturing, shading, hidden surface removal and compositing.


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