Course Outcomes for CSC 462 - Advanced Computer Graphics Projects

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to...

  1. Apply concepts and practical skills in computer graphics beyond the fundamental level, including
    1. Advanced rasterization
    2. Advanced light/ray tracing
    3. Local illumination
    4. Global illumination
    5. Advanced shape modeling, e.g., splines or volumes
    6. Advanced surface mapping, including bump and reflection mapping
    7. Techniques for generating shadows, including both maps and volumes
    8. Procedural modeling for images, shapes, and behavior
    9. Additional advanced topics, e.g. procedural modeling, GPUs, color theory, display hardware.
  2. Describe and explain these topics on written exams.
  3. Demonstrate graphics programming skills on a selection of these topics.
  4. Demonstrate deeper understanding of these topics through a larger programming project.

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