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2016 Research Newsletter

Publication on department research highlights and selected projects.

The Computer Science Research Administration Office provides both pre and post award services to faculty and staff within the Computer Science Department.

Are you requesting funds from an external sponsor? Most likely this request will need to be routed through PINS. You can start the process by selecting pre-award services.

Gifts vs Sponsored Research

Gifts are a company’s philanthropic donation to the University to support one of the University’s missions of research, education, extension or economic development. The work may be either specified or unspecified, and the support should only carry the requirement to submit a report of the work conducted once the funds have been expended. Conversely, sponsored work for either research, education, extension or economic development will have numerous requirements for what the University can expend the funding on, how the funds may be expended and what the funding entity expects in return for supporting the work.

Requests for gifts are not processed through PINS. If in doubt, please contact Petya Radey.

Petya Radey

Contracts and Grants Manager
Computer Science Department
EB II 2312

Donna Richards

Pre Award and Post Award Management for CSC Department and Centers
Computer Science Department
EB II 2317

Becky Smith

Post Award Accounting Technician
Computer Science Department

Wendy Shearon

Post Award Administrator
Computer Science Department

Jignasa Patel

Sponsored Research Administrator
Computer Science Department