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Yuchen Liu

Georgia Institute of Technology

"Location, Location, Location: Intelligent Millimeter-Wave Networking Design for Next-generation Wireless Systems"

Thursday February 10, 2022 10:15 AM
Location: 3211, EB2 NCSU Centennial Campus
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Abstract: With the increasing use of bandwidth-hungry applications on mobile edges, the skyrocketing global demand for mobile data has created a significant push to both academia and industry to pursue revolutionary networking architectures and technologies. Utilizing ultra-high frequency (e.g., millimeter-wave) radio with larger available bandwidth is emerging as one of the most promising solutions to keep up with ever-accelerating human demands. However, there are several challenges that must be overcome for its full potential to be realized in real wireless systems, such as the limited coverage and sensitivity to blockages. This talk will focus on novel networking techniques and strategies to increase the capacity, robustness, and intelligence of next-generation network systems, which exploit location sensitivity to explore robust and intelligent designs that expedite the full realization of ubiquitous millimeter-wave wireless connectivity. The techniques investigated are the use of ultra-high frequency radio spectrum, infrastructure diversity, adaptive mobility control and networking intelligence in diverse application areas such as radio access-backhaul cellular systems, wireless local-area networks, and Wi-Fi-based autonomous systems. Experimental and advanced simulation platforms are also developed for the evaluation of designed networking techniques and systems.
Short Bio: Yuchen Liu is currently the Ph.D. candidate in the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, where he is a member of the Advanced Networking and Dependable Systems Laboratory. His research interests are in the area of networking and systems, wireless and mobile computing, millimeter-wave technology, and machine learning for network analysis and system design.

Host: George Rouskas, CSC

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