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Andy Hunt

Programmer, consultant, author and publisher

"It's All In Your Head: Thinking, Programming, and Inventing in the 21st Century."

Thursday January 29, 2015 06:00 PM
Location: 1231, EB2
(Visitor parking instructions)

This talk is part of the Fidelity Investment Speaker Series


Abstract: Software development happens in your head; not in an editor, IDE, or design tool. But how can you mine the best ideas your mind comes up with? Join Andy Hunt to find out how to grow your brain, take advantage of your different neural network processing styles to harvest internal clues, and learn new techniques you can use to generate great ideas—including the one simple habit that can make you a genius.
Short Bio: Andy Hunt is a programmer turned consultant, author and publisher. He has authored award-winning and best-selling books, including The Pragmatic Programmer and seven others, including his latest, Learn to Program with Minecraft Plugins and the popular Pragmatic Thinking and Learning.

Andy was one of the 17 founders of the Agile Alliance and authors of the Agile Manfesto; and co-founded the Pragmatic Bookshelf, publishing award-winning and critically acclaimed books for software developers

Host: Corporate Relations, CSC

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