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Sarah Heckman


"OpenSeminar: A Web-Based Collaboration Tool for Open Educational Resources"

Monday March 16, 2009 11:00 AM
Location: 3211, EBII NCSU Centennial Campus
(Visitor parking instructions)


Abstract: Computer science is a rapidly-changing field. Textbooks are unable to keep pace with industrial and technological advancement. As a result, additional educational resources to supplement the course text are often beneficial or even required. Professors can search online for relevant educational resources to supplement their course, and where resources are limited, they may create their own. Professors and students will benefit from having the most current, clear, and relevant expertly-chosen educational resources for their courses in a single location. OpenSeminar is a customizable, web-based, open collaboration platform for instructors of similar courses around the world. OpenSeminar supports class level courseware selection and organization backed by an expert-maintained repository of links to educational resources.

This presentation will feature an illustrative example of an OpenSeminar,: the OpenSeminar in Software Engineering, which is used in the undergraduate software engineering course at North Carolina State University. The OpenSeminar in Software Engineering contains a repository of educational resources gathered via online searches to supplement undergraduate software engineering education. One such educational resource is the RealEstate example, which contains a complete working program and automated test cases with associated requirements, design, and test documentation for both agile and plan-driven development practices. Another available resource on the OpenSeminar in Software Engineering is tutorials that teach students the tooling required for the software engineering assignments and projects.

Short Bio: Sarah Heckman is a Ph.D. candidate in the RealSearch Group in the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. Her research is currently in the area of Software Engineering, with a principal focus in static analysis alert prioritization. Sarah taught Introduction to Computing – Java in Spring 2005 and has 10 semesters of teaching assistant and lab instructor experience in Introduction to Computing Environments, Introduction to Programming – Java, Software Engineering, and Database Management Systems. She is the Managing Editor of the OpenSeminar in Software Engineering and OpenSeminar in Empirical Software Engineering. Sarah is the creator and first General Chair of the 2008 Symposium for Graduate Research in Computer Science held at North Carolina State University and led the first Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Training workshop. She was president of the Women in Computer Science student organization, an officer-at-large in the Computer Science Graduate Student Association, and the graduate student representative on the Computer Steering Committee. Sarah served on the organizing committee for Geek-a-Thon and won the 2008 Joyce Hatch Service Award. She is a three-time recipient of the IBM PhD fellowship.

Host: Dennis Bahler, Computer Science, NCSU

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