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Lorrie Cranor

CMU, Comp. Sci.

"From Password Requirements to IoT Cybersecurity Labels: Informing Public Policy With Research"

Monday March 04, 2024 04:00 PM
Location: 3211, EB2 NCSU Centennial Campus
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This talk is part of the Triangle Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer Series


Abstract: An increasing number of security and privacy researchers are conducting research with the intention of informing public policy discussions. I will talk about how I got interested in public policy and discuss a wide range of research projects I've worked on over the past 25 years that had some impact on public policy discussions including research on the usability of privacy tools, the cost of reading privacy policies, various types of privacy labels, password policy, and the California privacy choice icon.
Short Bio: Lorrie Faith Cranor is the Director and Bosch Distinguished Professor of the CyLab Security and Privacy Institute and FORE Systems University Professor of Computer Science and of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. She directs the CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory (CUPS) and co-directs the Privacy Engineering masters program. In 2016 she served as Chief Technologist at the US Federal Trade Commission. She co-founded Wombat Security Technologies. She is a fellow of the ACM, IEEE, and AAAS and a member of the ACM CHI Academy.

Host: Anupam Das, CSC

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