Seminars & Colloquia

Kevin Sun

Elon University

"Cultivating Intellectual Growth and a Short Introduction to Graphs"

Tuesday December 13, 2022 02:00 PM
Location: 3211, EB2 NCSU Centennial Campus
(Visitor parking instructions)


Abstract: Cultivating students' intellectual growth is the core guiding principle of my philosophy of undergraduate education. In this talk, I will expand upon this idea and discuss the supporting pedagogical practices that I have implemented. Next, I will give a brief lecture sample that directly illustrates some of these practices. In particular, I will provide an overview of graphs in the context of an introductory computer science course. Finally, I will outline a few professional activities, beyond teaching, that I would like to pursue as a contributing member of the department and university.
Short Bio: Kevin Sun is an Instructor in the Department of Computer Science at Elon University. His teaching interests include introductory programming, discrete mathematics, algorithms, and related subjects. He is also interested in curriculum development, examining the social impacts of computing, and K-12 outreach. He graduated from Duke University in 2022 with a PhD; his research was primarily in the field of online algorithms.

Host: Jason King, CSC

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