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Moira Downey

NC State Library

"Getting Started with Data Publication: What, Why, and How "

Monday September 19, 2022 04:30 PM
Location: n/a, n/a NCSU Centennial Campus
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Abstract: Have you recently found yourself in the process of submitting a manuscript for publication, only to be confused by a request to upload your data to a repository for public access? Have you applied for grant funding that specifies data sharing as one of the terms of award? This workshop will discuss the what, why, and how of formal data sharing via publication, using the Dryad Data Repository as an example repository.
Short Bio: With nearly 20 years of experience in academic libraries, Moira has a strong background in research data curation, institutional repository services, digital asset management, and library support for the research lifecycle. In her role as Research Facilitator, Moira helps researchers assess the computing and data requirements presented by their research and connects researchers with appropriate IT support. Before beginning as Research Facilitator at NC State, Moira worked as a Repository Services Analyst with Duke University Libraries and as a metadata analyst and cataloger at UNC-Chapel Hill. She holds an M.S. in library and information science and a B.A. in History from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Host: Maria Mayorga, OR

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