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Krishna Kadiyala

Texas Christian University

"Student Learning: The Professor’s Role"

Tuesday April 05, 2022 09:30 AM
Location: 3211, EB2 NCSU Centennial Campus
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Abstract: In this talk, Dr. Kadiyala will share her perspective on the professor’s role as a teacher, a guide, and a mentor in encouraging student learning. She will talk about her ideas, ideals and passion for teaching. She will present her teaching pedagogies, practices and how she strives to encourage student engagement in the classroom. She will also share stories and experiences from her classes, including lessons learnt along the way. She will talk about her role in helping students transition into the next phase of life after they graduate. She will also present how she takes the pulse of her students to constantly improve, or change direction as needed. Finally, she will conclude with a brief showcase of her teaching in a section that introduces the cloud to the general audience.
Short Bio: Dr. Krishna Kadiyala is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Texas Christian University. Her research is rooted in computer networking, and spans into Software Defined Networking, service provider networks, P4-programmable data planes, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Prior to her PhD, Dr. Kadiyala was a Senior Network Engineer at AT&T Labs in Middletown, NJ for 3 years. During the years of my PhD, she has mothered two beautiful girls. Dr. Kadiyala is passionate about learning, teaching and being an advocate for women and other gender minorities in STEM. She is an active volunteer with the Grace Hopper Conference, Women Mentoring Women in Engineering, and the National Postdoctoral Association to name a few.

Host: Sarah Heckman, CSC

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