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June 09, 2016

Undergrads Showcase Their Research

On April 22, several undergraduate students in the NC State Department of Computer Science Department showcased the research projects they had been working on during the Spring semester.  The CSC Undergraduate Research Poster Session provided a forum for students to present posters and talk about their research with faculty and other students in the department.
"Participation in undergraduate research builds critical skills that supplement the core computer science coursework," says Dr. Sarah HeckmanCSC Honors Coordinator and Teaching Associate Professor.  "A compelling research question provides the opportunity for students to explore computing at a deeper level and develop the communication skills to share their results with the wider community.  These are skills that prepare students for graduate studies and for industry."  The CSC Undergraduate Research Poster Session is part of a larger departmental effort to increase the number of students participating in undergraduate research, even as early as their freshman year.  
The following projects were presented at the Spring 2016 CSC Undergraduate Research Poster session (full abstracts and posters may be found here) :
  • "Data Ninja - Human Driven Machine Learning," Kaveen Herath Bandara, mentored by Dr. Christopher Parnin
  • "Steganography in World of Warcraft," John Boezeman, mentored by Dr. William Enck
  • "Movement Oriented Level Design and Incentive System in NutraNinja," Dana Christo and Jacob Stone, mentored by Dr. Tiffany Barnes
  • "Identifying Software Engineering Best Practices," Jordan Connor and David Carey, mentored by Dr. Sarah Heckman
  • "StartupBot," Seyedsamim Mirhosseini Ghamsari, mentored by Dr. Christopher Parnin
  • "Visualizing Graph Algorithms," Yang Ho, Clayton Hobbs, Brandon Mork, Nishant Rodrigues, mentored by Dr. Blair Sullivan and the Senior Design Center
  • "Linear-Ordering Puzzle and Prototypes of Combinatorial Search Solvers: Self-Avoiding Walks under Tcl and Python," Yang Ho and Johnny Nguyen, mentored by Dr. Franc Brglez
  • "Profiling the Mobile Web," Nicolas Kiely, mentored by Dr. William Enck
  • "Crossings on the Pareto Frontier: Minimum Bottleneck and Total Crossings in Layered Graphs," Weijia Li, mentored by Dr. Matthias Stallmann
  • "First Year Programming Project Analysis Tool," Curtis Moore, mentored by Dr. Jessica Schmidt
  • "Lights-out Puzzle and Prototypes of Combinatorial Search Solvers: Self-Avoiding Walks under Tcl and Python," Johnny Nguyen and Yang Ho, mentored by Dr. Franc Brglez
  • "Evaluation Tools for the Beauty & Joy of Computing," Samuel Schoeneberger and Erin Snider, mentored by Dr. Tiffany Barnes and Veronica Cateté
Students interested in participating in undergraduate research in the fall should mark their calendars for August 19th at 1pm in EBII 3211 for the Undergraduate Lightning Talks.  Faculty will be presenting projects for which they are seeking undergraduate researchers.

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