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February 18, 2014

Six New Members Join Department’s SAB

The NC State Computer Science Department is pleased to welcome six new members to our Strategic Advisory Board (SAB), a cornerstone of the Department’s strategic planning efforts.  Dr. Mladen Vouk, head of the Department, recently announced the addition of the new members, including two alumni:
This dynamic group of industry executives and academic leaders provide input and guidance, which is critical to helping shape the department’s strategic focus.  The SAB meets annually on campus and functions as a virtual working team throughout the year through member involvement on subcommittees, executive panels and other engagement opportunities.  Membership terms are for three years and may be renewed for a second term.
Troy Tolle, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Infinity Learning Solutions, is currently the chair of the SAB, and Loren Harrell, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of is vice-chairperson.  This year’s annual SAB meeting will be held in Raleigh on April 9-10. 
For more information about the Department’s SAB, click here.

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