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October 22, 2012

Fidelity Investments Speakers Series Presents James Stikeleather

Please join us on November 15th at 6 pm in Lecture Hall 1231 EBII for our next fall 2012 talk in the Fidelity Investments “Leadership in Technology” Executive Speakers Series.

Our special guest speaker will be James Stikeleather, Executive Strategist, Innovation for Dell. His talk topic will be “How to Bolster the Impact of Today’s CIO – Moving Beyond Faster, Better, Cheaper.

With more than 25 years of designing, developing and implementing information and communications technologies that help businesses and institutions succeed, Jim currently serves as Executive Strategist, Innovation for Dell Services, the $8 billion IT services arm of Dell.  In this role, he leads a team of information technology and business experts who identify, evaluate and assess the future potential of new technologies, business models and processes to address evolving business, economic and social trends for the company and customers. He participates in international technology standards bodies, has multiple book and industry-article contributions to his credit, advises a number of technology incubators, and holds multiple patents.

Abstract: In a time of increasing business change, there’s a new movement towards the decentralization, and often a renewed trend towards business-unit delivery of IT resources. When you layer in increased reliance on externally delivered cloud-based technologies, the role of the CIO looks, once again, like it will change. Increasingly, the CIO must be viewed less as the deliverer of technology resources and more as the driver of innovation and transformation within each enterprise – and industry. Efficiency – faster, better, cheaper - is only part of the equation, CIOs, too, must also embrace change in order to become more relevant than ever.  What are the necessary steps that will help the CIO succeed in this environment? What changes have you made and priorities have you re-ordered to face new business realities in your company and in your industry? Do you understand past investments as they relate to a new strategic focus? Do you possess the right set of skills within your organization to face the future? Is your work sufficiently value driven? Are you adequately connected to all business stakeholders?  Please join us for a discussion on the topic of how to increase the relevance of the CIO in today’s changing business environment.

The event is free and open to the public.  Ample free parking is also available.

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