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January 20, 2012

Department Welcomes Four New SAB Members

Dr. Mladen Vouk, head of the NC State Department of Computer Science, is pleased to announce the addition of four new members, including two Computer Science Department alumni, to the department’s Strategic Advisory Board (SAB):
  • Jerry Frederick (B.S. 1986), Senior Vice President, Bank of America
  • Mike Huska, (B.S. 1989), Chief Technology Officer, Incential Software
  • Chuck Musciano, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Martin Marietta Materials
  • Gareth Stageman, Director, Deutsche Bank Global Technology
The SAB is a cornerstone of the computer science department's strategic planning efforts.  This dynamic group of industry executives and academic leaders provide input and guidance, which is critical to helping shape the department’s strategic focus.
The SAB meets each spring on campus and functions as a virtual working team throughout the year through conference calls and member involvement on subcommittees, executive panels, and other engagement opportunities.
Membership terms are for three years and may be renewed for a second term.
In addition to providing guidance and direction to the department chair and faculty, the SAB has taken an active role in addressing some of the department’s key challenges such as the launch of the Diversity in Computer Science Endowment, created to help improve the attraction and retention rates of females and minorities in the field of computer science.  In addition to providing the funds necessary to establish the endowment, the SAB provides guidance each year on how the proceeds might best be put to use by the department.
The SAB is currently chaired by Donald Thompson, Jr., CEO & President of I-Cubed.  Greg Keller, Director of Scalable SAN Engineering at NetApp, is the current vice-chairperson.
The SAB will hold its 2012 meeting in Raleigh on April 11th & 12th.
For a complete list of the department’s Strategic Advisory Board, click here.


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