CSC Student Graders


The Department of Computer Science welcomes expressions of interest to be hired as an hourly grader for Computer Science courses at the 200-level and higher. Graders have the same responsibilities as a Teaching Assistant, but are paid hourly. Graders are NOT eligible for the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP). 


  • NCSU students who will be enrolled as full time students for the target teaching semester can apply. An NCSU unity id is required to apply.
  • Undergraduate applicants should ideally have an overall GPA of 2.75 or greater.
  • Graduate applicants should have an overall GPA of 3.25 or greater.
  • Undergraduate applicants with less than a 2.75 GPA may be considered, if they have previous experience and show GPA improvement and progress toward degree.
  • Applicants should have received a B+ or higher in the course they wish to be a TA (this could be at NCSU or an equivalent course at a prior institution), or anticipate receiving a B+ or higher if currently enrolled in the course.
  • Applicants should not have outstanding Academic Integrity violations.
  • Applicants must currently be in good academic standing.


Expectations will vary by specific class, but in general, graders may be expected to do the following:

  • Grade assignments in a timely manner
  • Hold office hours to help students with questions about the course
  • Attend class regularly
  • Run study sessions or recitations
  • Attend weekly meetings about the course

Graders typically work 10-12 hours per week.


For Fall 2024 grader hires:

  • Application Opens: April 5, 2024
  • For full consideration, please apply by May 3, 2024
  • Application Closes: July 31, 2024
  • Faculty may reach out to interview students they are interested in working with between May 3 and August 16. 
  • Hiring decisions will be made by individual faculty in the week before the Fall 2024 semester. Hiring decisions will depend on the allocation of grader hours to individual classes.

Common Questions

  • Can I email the instructor about my interest in grading for their course?

No.  Please apply below.  These applications will be shared with faculty and they will use them to make hiring decisions pending allocation of grader support

  • Is this position paid?

Yes, graders are paid by the hour. The pay rate depends on the course you’re assisting.  Pay rates may also change between semesters, so the pay rate isn’t available until a faculty makes an offer for a specific course.

Graduate students hired as hourly graders are NOT eligible for the Graduate Student Support Plan. There is NO tuition support for graders.

  • What is a grader hour? How are grader hours allocated?

A grader hour is a measure of time and money allocated to hire an hourly grader to support a CSC course. The department allocates teaching support based on enrollment. PhD TAs are assigned to classes first.  If there are insufficient PhD TAs to cover a class, then grader hours may be allocated. A class is not guaranteed to be allocated grader hours.

  • What is covered in each course?

See the Course learning outcomes/descriptions below:

Course Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate courses

Course descriptions for Graduate courses (scroll down for graduate courses)

You can see descriptions of special topics courses when searching the schedule.

  • What if I have questions?

For further questions, email

Application Process

  • Please fill out this form to help us learn about your experience and aptitude towards particular course/s.
  • You cannot be considered for every course listed. So, please be mindful when listing your choice of courses for the grader position
  • If you are a Masters student who does not yet have a unity id, please wait until you receive your unity id to apply. Please do NOT contact instructors directly.
  • Undergraduate applicants:
    • If you’re applying for a service-level course (E 115, CSC 110, CSC 111, CSC 113, CSC 116, CSC 216/217), you will not need to upload your transcript.
    • If you’re applying for an upper-level course, you will need to upload your transcript.
    • If you want to apply for both service-level and upper-level courses, you’ll need to submit only the first form for 200+ level courses.
    • If you want to apply for service-level courses only, you’ll need to submit the second form for Service Level Courses.
  • Graduate applicants: Please upload an unofficial transcript to the form
    • If you are a graduate student who has an undergraduate degree from a US institution, upload your UG transcript from that institution
    • If you are a graduate student who has an undergraduate degree from an institution outside the US, upload your UG transcript. It would need to be in English.

Apply Here for 200+ level courses

Apply Here for Service level courses


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