Sharma Thankachan received a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Calicut, India, in 2006 and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Louisiana State University (Advisor: Rahul Shah) in 2014. After over two years of postdoctoral experience at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Host: Srinivas Aluru) and the University of Waterloo (Host: Ian Munro),  he joined the University of Central Florida, Orlando, as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Computer Science in 2017. In 2022, he moved to North Carolina State University as an Associate Professor of Computer Science. He is primarily interested in String Algorithms, Compressed Data Structures, and their applications in areas like Computational Biology.

Ph.D. Students: 

Doctoral Alumni:

Research Areas

  • Algorithms and Theory of Computation


PhD (2014) Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA
B.Tech (2006) National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India

CSC Fall Courses

  • CSC 591-005 LEC SP Topic CSC - Algorithms on Strings   F 9:35am-12:20pm   Room: 1230 Engineering Building 2

  • CSC 591-612 LEC SP Topic CSC - Algorithms on Strings      Room: Distance Education - Online


  • National Science Foundation Faculty Early CAREER Development Award - 2022


Below is a list of selected/recent publications. See DBLP or GoogleScholar for the complete list. 

  1. D. Gibney, C. Jin, T. Kociumaka and S. V. Thankachan: Near-Optimal Quantum Algorithms for Bounded Edit Distance and Lempel-Ziv Factorization (SODA 2024)
  2. A. Ganguly, R. Shah, S. V. Thankachan: Fully Functional Parameterized Suffix Trees in Compact Space (ICALP 2022)
  3. C. Jain, D. Gibney, S. V. Thankachan: Co-linear Chaining with Overlaps and Gap Costs (RECOMB 2022)
  4. D. Gibney, S. V. Thankachan, S. Aluru: The Complexity of Approximate Pattern Matching on de Bruijn Graphs (RECOMB 2022)
  5. A. Ganguly, D. Patel, R. Shah, S. V. Thankachan: LF Successor: Compact Space Indexing for Order-Isomorphic Pattern Matching (ICALP 2021)
  6. D. Gibney, G. Hoppenworth, S. V. Thankachan: Simple Reductions from Formula-SAT to Pattern Matching on Labeled Graphs and Subtree Isomorphism (SOSA 2021)
  7. J. Bentley, D. Gibney, S. V. Thankachan: On the Complexity of BWT-Runs Minimization via Alphabet Reordering (ESA 2020)
  8. G. Hoppenworth, J. Bentley, D. Gibney, S. Thankachan: The Fine-Grained Complexity of Median and Center String Problems Under Edit Distance (ESA 2020)
  9. A. Ganguly, R. Shah, Sharma V. Thankachan: pBWT: Achieving Succinct Data Structures for Parameterized Pattern Matching and Related Problems (SODA 2017)
  10. S. V. Thankachan, C. Aluru, S. P. Chockalingam, S. Aluru: Algorithmic Framework for Approximate Matching Under Bounded Edits with Applications to Sequence Analysis (RECOMB 2018)